Monday, January 18, 2010

Jackie's Property.

"You're mine."
And he gave me a chop with his name and NRIC number at the back of my hand.

I am Jackie Goh's.

"I'm mine too."
Without another word,
he gave himself another on his arm.

That's unfair.
He's supposed to be MINE.
Wait until i got my chop.
I'm going to leave a chop on your FOREHEAD,
and many more on your legs, hands, belly, back, fingers etc.

We've bought 2 packets of crystals studs about a month ago.
And we finally decided to lay our hands on them;
New Assets for DD's canto-lution.

Doing little things like these bond a couple closer together.
He's plain frustrated cutting out those crystal studs-
thinking he's clumsy and butter-fingered.

his mood was alright again after the end product is out.
Next time,
he's going to watch me when doing arts and craft-
although it's not my trade too.
At least I won't be frustrated with myself for cutting it wrong.
And i won't get to see him frustrated with himself.

he is really really trying so hard getting it right.

He's a silly boy.
But i love him all the same. :)

Hi Berline,
thank you for your M&Ms.
It's been loved because I was craving for it just yesterday.

I was figuring out how to pose as the M&M figurine Berline gave us
because my outfit and hair colour is just plain similar.

if you miss me from now on,
you can look at my twin.
You all too.

Of course,
this is PURE PRETENCE when DD accidentally hit my head with something.
(i forgot what it was)

I earned this!!!
A 'sayang' from him.

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