Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm missing you, ALL.

taking a long distance bus journey is not that bad afterall.
taking it alone makes the entire journey even more meaningful...

It was exceptionally quiet in the bus.
Perhaps due to the humid weather,
going on board the bus was extrodinary comfortable.
No sooner after the bus exit onto the expressway,
there was an increasing number of nodding heads.

The sky was a greyish-patch,
prompting for a heavy downpour later in the night.
I had my cheap headphones on,
listening to my favourites songs.

Then the nostalgic moments began-I was missing all my friends.
The neglectance since the beginning of the year was oblivious;
I had spent too much time on Work,
and all my Sundays were given to my bf.

The hanging-outs and recordings at Nave's place,
singing with Desmond, Arvind and WeiXiang,
Sentosa trips with Chrissy and KKz,
Lan gaming with Atap Ji, Hotel California, not to forget Rayden,
Eating out with Shi Hui,
Drinking session with Eddie,
Ktv with Xela, Kor, Kyel, Kele, Gege etc,
outings with my baimu family,
Supper with Johnson, Qi Zai and the rest.
Last but not least,
Meet ups with Felicia Sim Bin Bin.

There were friends who still call up to ask me out
or send good night sms to me:
Baby bro,
Jun Jie,
Jennifer Jie,

Bin Bin,
John John,
Shi Hui...

And those who will frequently visit my FB and leave comments
so that i know i've not been forgotten:
Jane Jane,
Atap Ji,
Xiao Razer,
Jaime etc.

Not to forget about my msn:
Huang Shi Hai,
Cun Jie,


Yuan Feng,
My younger sister etc.

I miss them so much and I really care.

Hey hey,
What's wrong when I changed "Mint Goh" as my msn nick?!

One thing for sure,
i realize many knew that my real surname is 'Leong'.
It's a wonderful feeling to be remembered to the very detailed.

Evan says (12:00 AM):
mint goh!
Evan says (12:01 AM):
faster rom

Desmond says (12:21 AM):
Mrs goh
Mint Goh: Love is spelt as H.A.P.P.Y. says (12:21 AM):
Hello Des-mon

Did u noe... says (12:28 AM):
u married liao huh
Mint Goh: Love is spelt as H.A.P.P.Y. says (12:28 AM):
woa liao,
all give same commments

There were more,
but i forgot to save all of them down
and close the conversations windows.

Enough said.
I am really blessed to know that a lot of you out there really care for me.
Deep down I remember,
Every single one of you...

Thank you for being part of my life,
Friends For Life.

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