Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Singapore Blog Awards!

I was at the Singapore Blog Awards last Saturday, 10th July 2010.
The thing about bloggers is that they are all about being themselves.

Which is why they are so comfortable to be with!

Warning: This is a photo-Heavy entry!

Anyone Blogo?!
(it's the bingo game everyone knows)
That's what the emcee kept asking the floor.
'Cause if you do,
you win yourself a pendant sponsored by Poh Heng.

I finally get to meet my godsis, Silver Ang.
Papa Chia kept wanting us to meet and have dinner together.
She was performing on stage when I caught sight of her.

This is a MUST-Blog!
The brooch on William's vest is awesome!
I almost made it mine!

Orange Grove is all about... food!
They have all the nicest desserts-
from tiramisu to oreo cheesecakes.

And this,
is another Heavenly food you ALL should try.

Dr Teo Ser Luck,
our guest-of-honour,
came straight from Changi Airport.
He is darn good-looking i tell you.

Another reason why I am so proud to be a Singaporean,
they have all the good-looking and nicest ministers around!

We have a few events going on,
like the best head-hunter awards,
bling bling awards, modelling award etc.

Here are the participants and winners:

Oh yah,
before i forget.
The winners are voted by the guests who turned up at the event.
We each have three 'I like' stickers which we can vote for our favourites.

I am fortunate.
If i were to go there alone,
I would have been so lost and terrified to be surrounded by
almost two hundred strangers.

THank you William and Paul,
for being there for me!
NOT to forget to upload our camwhore session!

Whilst outside, William and I bumped into Bernard(white liverpool top).
He came to watch a soccer match with his friend.

I met new friends too,
Yong wei and HP.

Check out their blogs.
They are both one of the top 10 finalists for SBA.

Yong Wei:

Last but not least,

congratulations to ALL SBA WINNERS OF THE YEAR!

See you all again in 2011!

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