Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Quick Peek

I'll elaborate more on Tue!
you know i don't like to blog on weekends
when Mr house-husband wants me to spend quality time with him
instead of hogging his computer.

The uploads are taking forever as well!

An A-W-E-S-O-M-E weekend!

I spent 1.5 fulfilling days at West Spring Secondary School
helping out a motivational talk.
In the end I got all motivated myself to set new goals and achieve them.

After the talk,

I went to a place in Jurong East for a simple makeover.
It was a last minute walk-in rush
yet everyone did their best to make me all nice and pretty!

Service 10/10.
Friendly index 10/10.
Professionality 8/10

BLOGGERS must go there a give a try.
I will blog a post ALL about this place
because I am specially going to visit this place again!

Singapore Blog Awards is the best!!!
I finally know why I HEART blogging so much.
You should've seen the Bloggers!!!

There are A LOT MORE photos,
so stay tuned.

Sincere thanks to William,
for being there with me throughout .
You're really 'steady lar'!

Tee Bon San,

Happy 21st birthday!!!

Serene and Yuan Feng(Lao San),

it feels so memorable to see you all again.

I definately miss camps so much.

Ever seen a vain pot in her new manicure,

yet all covered with soap and cash-washing at a multi-storey carpark?

Now you see it!

Had a short run with my DD thereafter at the Jurong Sports Complex.

Now you know why i have no time at all to blog in the weekends?!


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