Thursday, July 15, 2010

21st Key

Amazing how time flies.

It reminds me that I am getting older now that
everyone around me is reaching 21years of age.

I. Am. Young. At. Heart.
I don't care.

It brings me so much happiness to see blissful young couples,

like Jeff and Serene.

I get to meet up with Lao San(Yuan Feng) as well!

I miss this babe so much. :)

How can i ever forget 'tikan' session?!

Jeff has to bite out the candle-holders stuffed deep into the chocolate cake.

Come on,

at least i made up for it by offering to divide the cake for everyone!

This figurine has this really 'qian bian' look-

that i love so much!

He's a pig-snatcher for the game I bought for Jeff.

50Cent per loss and $1.50 winning per game.

How can one not be tempted to play?

DD's all serious about it, see!

Maybe it's time i get a chalet too.

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