Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Big walk

How early should you wake up on a Sunday Morning?
I woke up at 5am to participate in The New Paper Big Walk 2010!

A large crowd, check.
20,000 walkers, check.
queueing up, check.

Expect the check list mentioned above?
You bet!
However, it's not as bad as you think.

Except for the toilet queues everywhere,
be sure that you won't get pushed around whatsoever.
to be exact,
I've never seen Singaporeans so well-mannered before!

The goodie bad is more for value for the price of $10 per person.

You get a visor, an apple, a bottle of water,
cookies, 2x 50ml anlene milk, a chewy bar,
a pen, a free Singapore Flyer ticket for 1 person,
NTUC frisbee, Sunday Newpaper, some vouchers from Nikon
etc etc etc!

We spotted a dragon boat under the bridge and tried waving at them.

I wonder if they'd seen my mum and I at the top of the bridge.
Who cares anyway.
I just wanted to share my joy with everyone I see that day.

Some interesting people I met while on the walk:
A granny with super cool black & violet Nike shoes
(DD didn't manage to include them in the picture),
and a boy in his superhero ironman suit!

he doesn't look very happy in there.
Mom commented that he looked like a very sad Ironman from afar.
I told her that when I peeped through his mask,
he was sulking.

he's being nice to pose a shot for me.

Here's another interesting sight.
Audrey and i caught sight of a man whose sandals were broken.

POOR FELLA had to walk barefooted.
I remembered the last time my shoe broke,
I had to take the MRT barefooted with passengers staring at my feet.
Fortunately for him,
the weather was windy and chill.

Mum, DD and I at the 500m mark.

How would you know you've completed the walk?
the BIG welcoming 'thank you' banner and most of all,
the Water Station!

I did it!
My very first Big Walk,
with a carnival right at the end waiting for me.

I was tempted into playing the games at the milo station in order to exchange for a 'I Love Milo' badge!

Dd and my first train ride together!
I love my life!!!

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