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OverTime- Chill & Makan with friends, even in big groups!

The first time I went OverTime was at its Grand Opening with Lin Zhiling(林志玲姐姐), the popular Taiwanese model.

That was more than 3 months ago.

There were so many people the other time I hadn’t been able to take a proper look at the place. This time round however, I was taken aback by how spacious it actually is! *Think back* There must be close to a few hundred people who attended the Official Opening then!

*Don’t Play Play*

Decorations & Design Of OverTime

Not to worry about the heat though. Like I have mentioned, the place is spacious enough plus with its high white ceiling, there is adequate ventilation yet you won’t get yourself wet in times of wet weather.

The exterior is filled with director seats, picnic-like tables, as well as cosy couch areas made of rattan, furnished with milky brown-coloured cushions for comfort.


The interior of OverTime is sophisticatedly-designed. Every corner of the bar has its respective theme and colours, yet they bring together a common atmosphere—cosy & relaxing for anyone who comes to OverTime.

There is a centre stage where local musicians are staged to perform LIVE.

IMG_0009 IMG_0010

The other day, more than 10 bloggers came for the chill-and-makan session, yet we occupied not even 10% of OverTime!

The Menu

Notice how the menu was designed; a cover made of wooden-material similar to that of the barrel of Starker Beer.


OverTime has another menu known as the 33 Fushion Skewer Menu with tasty food especially catered to meat-lovers!


The Barrel Of Starker Beer & Beverages

Don’t you remember?!

You have to use their specially-made hammer and hammered it lightly on the ‘tap’ to break the node in order to enjoy freshly-brewed and really chilled German Starker Beer!


Wine, Champagne, Margaritas, Cocktails, Martini, Daiquiri, Liquors and even, Tray Shooters are available. Just to name a few which might interest you:

Martell VSOP bottle: $188, Vodka bottle: $139, Chivas Regal(12 years) bottle: $168, Moet & Chandon Imperial Champagne: $148

For those who are driving or wish to have non-alcoholic drinks, there are mock tails, soft-drinks and even hot drinks like Hot Chocolate.

I ordered a big glass of fruit punch (Retail Price:$9) which is definitely NOT the syrup kind where you can purchase for $1 at any Pasar-malam.

IMG_0032 IMG_0042


Sectioned into several categories, the OverTime food menu has pictures to support the names of the dishes. Not only that, the food which they serve actually looks 99% similar to that of the picture shown on the menu.

I know that at some places you go to, the food being served differs A LOT from what you see on the menu itself.

An example would be the Calamari Scampi* under their Salads Menu, one of the chef’s recommendations and my personal favourite. In fact, I think that the real dish looks tastier than what is shown!

If you love A-char or Thai-style rojak, the Calamari Scampi is the dish you won’t want to miss! Appetizing and a great starter dish.




Drain and place on plate to cool, tossed with lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, chilli padi, onion rings and fresh squeezed lime juice, with Thai chilli sauce.

If you are troubled over what to order and would like to have a bit of different varieties, try one of the platters. For ours, we ordered one with spring roll, chicken and Char siew.





A spicy twist to an Asian classic – simmered pork, young mango, onion rings, minced fresh garlic, chilli padi and fresh squeezed lime juice with Asian dressing.

IMG_0054 IMG_0057

Photo description: This is a red kidney bean. Research said that high fibre intake, like this little thing here, helps prevent heart diseases and blood sugar levels from raising too rapidly after a meal. It is also rich in molybdenum which helps to prevent sexual impotence in men, protects against cancer and prevents tooth decay etc.

Read from:


Purple cabbage, red kidney beans, cherry tomatoes, celery, Japanese cucumber, onion rings and iceberg lettuce served with thousand island or mayonnaise dressing (served on the side).

IMG_0084 This dish IS different from the Vegetable Garden Salad. The salad is mixed with prawns, squids, crabsticks etc. It is Seafood Salad.



Comprised of prawn, squid, crabstick, purple cabbage, red kidney beans, cherry tomatoes, celery, Japanese cucumber, iceberg lettuce, onion rings and served with thousand island or mayonnaise dressing.


You have spring rolls, chicken wings, fries and this:


TheSuper-Girl’s favourite!


Slightly different from the typical version. Not completely crispy but mostly on the edges. The middle portion being slightly thicker and softer relatively can be quite chewy, served with Thai chilli sauce accompanied by cucumber and fried beancurd.






Pork meat lovers, you are going to love me for this!

Char siew pork, fire pork, crunchy pork, beancurd pork and you definitely MUST-NOT miss this really tenderly-cooked pork dish:



Pork Knuckle marinated in chef's secret and deep fried until the skin is crisp.

Slight note: If you are not really a salty-eating person, remind the kitchen to reduce the salt content. The dishes were most probably catered to suit the alcohol-drinkers, to add a stronger flavour to match the alcohol-drinking.



I tried their grilled chicken chop and Yongwei was bold enough to empty my plate while I was talking to Cherie and Wendy! *Upset*



A juice, butter-grilled boneless chicken leg served over crispy French fries with black pepper or mushroom sauce and side salad.

The picture shown below is some lamp chops from the other blogger table: Black-pepper, honey-grilled & I can’t remember the third. I had a bite of each and ended up having 3 mouthfuls. *Yummy*



The satay series belong here.



Amazingly you can find ‘Zhi-cha’ at such a place. Beef Udon, Beef Hor Fun, Clayfish Yi Mien and fried rice which I ordered for bf:



Created by our own chef, a combination of prawn, squid, crab meat fried rice, egg and mixed vegetables. Bravura!

We feast!

IMG_0121 IMG_0136

It was a chillin’ and fun-loving night. Everyone made new friends and enjoyed themselves by sabo-ing Yongwei. We took our time to gossip, chit-chat and catch up with one another. There was so much laughter at our corner.

IMG_0144 IMG_0146 Cherie & Wendy.

IMG_0147 Me, Cherie, Calvin Timothy & Darren Ang.

IMG_0149 IMG_0150 Dearest Yongwei.


Jacqualine, TheSuper-Girl.

We are dedicated & passionate bloggers too! Snapping away with our cameras & camera phones, we try our best to take awesome photos to introduce our readers to wonderful places like OverTime, the service, the facilities and the food/beverages.


As bloggers, we take pride in blogging--taking photos, upload videos, research for the most accurate information.

Even before we feast on the food, we will spend time snapping pictures, to the extend sometimes we took so long our food turned cold. Needless to explain what we’ll do at events & product launches.

Take a look at how Calvin Timothy Leong & Darren Ang worked so hard to get the nicest angle:


To all bloggers & web-users out there:

Please be ethical and practise basic courtesy. We shall be really grateful if you will politely ask for permission to use the photographs and credit them to these kind-hearted bloggers who graciously allow you to use on your website.

The purpose of watermarks are used to protect your OWN photographs. It is NOT RIGHT to add your watermarks pictures which belong to OTHER PEOPLE. Worse, you mislead readers into thinking that the photographs are taken by you and claim the credit…


There are unethical people out there who do that.

Anyway, back to OverTime. The photo below is really epic; like some UFO emerging to land on the plate of fried rice.

IMG_0094 IMG_0014


OverTime @ Dempsey Hill

Blk 18, 18E, Dempsey Road S(249677)

Tel: 6472-4388

OverTime @Holland Village

25 Lorong Mambong S(277684)

Tel: 6465-8368

*Website is still under construction as of this post-published date.

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