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Review: Get Your Sexy Back Blogger Party & Heineken Underwater Camera To Give Away!

Together with Asia Pacific Breweries (APB), OMY Blog Club organised a GET YOUR SEXY BACK Bloggers' Party last Friday!!! It was absolutely A.W.E.S.O.M.E.


Get Your Sexy Back (GYSB) is Singapore’s first youth-led programme to encourage responsible drinking among young adults, and to spread the message that while partying is perfectly cool, binge-drinking is not! Binge-drinking is when one drinks alcoholic beverages excessively. Statistics show that nearly 95% of all adults depend on alcohol before the age of 21. Resource from:

So, if you end up sleeping like this FREQUENTLY in the pub: 200720094466200720094465 *He looks extremely comfortable; which shouldn't be the case.

Or end your day like this in bed all the time--dead-drunk: 172139_10150102048814637_806744636_5999607_1752349_o (Photo taken by: Calvin Timothy)

Then there are some serious health issues which you ought to consider. Binge drinking causes short term issues like Alcohol poisoning and hangovers, to long term health issues like kidney damage, liver disease, brain damage etc.

A group of bloggers headed down to APB last Friday to find out what they have done to encourage us about Responsible Drinking.

Before I reveal the photos, I am so thankful to Janet from OMY for sharing her GYSB photographs with me. I lost ALL my GYSB photographs and I am super depressed! There were some really great shots I took with Ethan(my guest), Calvin Timothy, Yongwei, lots and lots of food...! *Emo one corner drawing circles* I'll be extra careful next time.

Where was I? Oh yes, Get Your Sexy Back Bloggers Party. GYSB - 01

Alfred Tay from APB introduce to us about The GYSB Cheers Challenge. Thank you for being such a wonderful host, Alfred!

GYSB - 02

The GYSB Cheers Challenge is an online Facebook game where anyone aged 18 and above can logon and play. There are a total of 5 levels altogether. Try and toast to as many CORRECT friends as possible to gain points. You lose mugs if you toast to the wrong people(e.g. someone who is driving). The game is over once you lose all your mugs.

High scorers stand to win weekly Sony Cyber Shot Cameras and monthly Apple iPads! Try to win your way up to a place in the GRAND FINALE and win your DREAM HOLIDAY!

GYSB Fanpage Guide Manual

Click on 'Cheers Challenge' on the left of the window.

Facebook will direct you to this page:

gysb-prt2 gysb-prt1

Click 'Play Now', then 'Accept' the terms and conditions. gysb-prt3 gysb-prt4 gysb-prt5

Ops, I did mention that you have to be above the age of 18 in order to gain access and play, alright?


GYSB - 04


I'm not really a gamer; managed to complete only Level 1 even though it's really a simple game. The toasting gets harder as you level up. If you'll like to take a look at the other 4 levels, Ethan’s blog has print screens of them all! *Applause*


Play the GYSB Facebook Cheers Challenge Game and try to get as high a score as you can! (You are eligible for the weekly Top Scorer's contest too!)
- Blog about Cheers Challenge and your experience with the game.
- Participating bloggers are required to submit at least ONE (1) blog post on the game, but hey, do go crazy and play the game as many times as you want!

Final Round (happening in June):
Top 10 Bloggers from Round 1 will also be selected to take part in the "Bloggers' Challenge Finals", where you will play the Cheers Challenge game "Live" at Cathay Cineplex.

For the Bloggers Challenge Finals, the following prizes will be awarded:
1st prize - S$300 vouchers
2nd prize - S$200 vouchers
3rd prize - S$100 vouchers

During the Finals, you will also get to meet the regional champions of the GYSB Cheers Challenge as they face off in the regional Cheers Challenge Championship!

Click on this link to come to access the GYSB Facebook page now:

As for me, I shall just stick to feasting, free-flow drinking, sing KTV, and disturbing Yong Wei while the rest try to battle it out. Of course, I can be part of the Cheerleading team!

GYSB - 08 GYSB - 14 GYSB - 20GYSB - 21

Notice a black Heineken watch I am wearing on my wrist? I was given one for trying on special vision goggles and walk on a straight line across the floor. These special goggles will show you how your vision is like when you're low, moderate and really drunk. Look how far I was away from the line instead of walking ALONG it.

GYSB - 05 GYSB - 15 GYSB - 16

A group shot with the bloggers and our goodie bags!

GYSB - 25

So friends, while you are having fun outside, remind yourself to drink responsibly; not only for yourself, but for friends & family who care and love you too!

Hair by: Mod Beaute


This is going to be one of the BEST GIVEAWAY EVER, I promised. Thanks to YongWei for grabbing, we have ONE Heineken 35mm Underwater Camera to give away to ONE Lucky you, just ONE!


A dummy-like camera(like the Kodak film camera my mom used to use) where you just wind the shutter, point and shoot.

It is a 35mm film camera with a fixed focal length (28mm), fixed aperture (f9), and fixed shutter speed (1/100). The underwater casing is equipped with rubber sealing, double locking clasps, and is waterproof up to 10 feet.

IMG_1953 IMG_1952 IMG_1954


This camera is NOT FOR SALE. If you’re lucky you’ll find someone selling it for maybe about S$40 on eBay?

There’s only ONE so if you’ll like to win this, email to any photo of you having a great time-both drinking and non-drinking related. Include in your email where & who are in your picture, any message you’ll like to say to the people in the photo(optional), your name and contact number. Email Subject: I am a responsible drinker.

Give you one example:


Subject: I am a responsible drinker

Hi Mint & Yongwei,


This photo is taken at BEDS KTV pub with a few of my closest ex-colleagues-(left to right) Irene, Me, Jane Jane, WenLiang, Sharlene & Fish.

I miss you all and let’s come out for another gathering!

Name: Mint Leong

Contact Number: 9XXX-XXXX

Warmest Regards,



Simple right?

The winner of this Heineken Underwater Camera will be announced on 10th April 2011.

Can’t wait to see all the happy photos of you, serious!

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