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Beneath The Stars Fund Raising Campaign For Japan Tsunami

In conjunction with prestigious Jewelery Company, Beneath The Stars, a group of approximately 30 kind-hearted bloggers have volunteered to help create awareness for a Blog Fund Raising Campaign to help Japan in this time of need.

Do you still remember when this heart-shaken incident happened on 15th March 2011:


Take a look at some of the most unforgettable heart-breaking photos taken after the Tsunami:

14th March 2011, The hand of a man killed by the Japan earthquake in Toyoma, Japan.


13th March 2011, Japanese troops search for earthquake survivors in Otsuchi, Iwate Prefecture:

13th March 2011, A woman mourning in midst of the devastation of Natori, Miyagi Prefecture:

Though many countries are already helping, the more remote parts of Japan are still devastated. It will probably take months or even up to years for them to fully recover.

Photos taken from:

On 30th March 2011, 9 blogger-representatives on behalf of others to meet Yang Lay in person. That's YangLay's cat in the photo below.


The 9 bloggers are: (Left to right)
Goh Yong Wei, Tee Ying Zi, Cheryl Seow(with cat), Valentine Low(specs), Fenny Hwang, Benjamin Tan(guy wearing a cap), me, Angie Chew & Calvin Timothy Leong.

There, we witnessed the emails of approval by the Singapore Red Cross Society to Beneath The Stars, the readied-stock items which she had prepared for this campaign and also to experience and be inspired by the love & kindness shared by Yang Lay herself on a personal level. Personally, I think Yang Lay is a lady with a genuine heart of gold who empathizes and show compassion to people who are in need.


On my first visit to Yang Lay's residence, her son's pet fish unfortunately died and he was extremely upset. At the age of 8, this petite Primary 2 boy did the most heartwarming thing which after so many years of teaching, I've not came across many with such maturity; he buried his pet fish in his back yard with a tiny container filled with water and its favourite pillow, singlehandedly. He even went around his garden trying to look for two branches just so could make a Christ symbol for the fish.

I know of my students who owns fighting fishes threw their fish wrapped in a plastic bag into the rubbish chute when they died.

Upbringing, I'll say.

Friends, please help Japan!

During the period from 1st April 2011 to 30th April 2011, you may purchase items from Beneath The Stars Website. All items listed here with price listed are for sale. Items without a listed price means that they are SOLD OUT.

You may purchase them either via online/SMS/Phonecalls.

Beneath The Stars was incorporated in Singapore by Yang Lay back in 2006, it specializes in handmade designer jewelry and accessories of semi-precious stones set with individually crafted 925-Silver and White Gold Plated.

Yang Lay creates earrings, necklaces, pendants, bangles, bracelets, bookmarks, rings as well as many other forms of products such as shoes and cadigans. Her designs have won her a nomination for the President’s Design Award(Designer) in 2009.

Beneath The Stars is a advocate supporter of helping those with needs through numerous charity events, more of which are stated on their website,

In 2008, Yang Lay was also the first person to successfully unite all three, “Miss Singapore World” “Mrs Singapore World” and “Miss Singapore Universe” beauty pageants and collaborated with “Mercy Relief” in raising funds for the Sichuan Earthquake.

Mode of Payments
1.Debit/Credit card payment through website orders, QUOTE “JAPAN TSUNAMI(BLOGS)” in your purchase.

2.SMS/Call Yang Lay @+65-9178 6226 with the Item Code (e.g. RFT1 from ‘more info’), your name, payment by Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer and QUOTE “JAPAN TSUNAMI(BLOGS)”. Picking up the item in person can be arranged if preferred.

50% of all proceeds(excluding postage) will be tabulated and sent to the Singapore Red Cross Society after the campaign. Singapore Red Cross Society has APPROVED and ACKNOWLEDGED the Beneath The Stars Bloggers Fund Raising Project with the help of Yang Lay, founder of Beneath The Stars.

I am not asking you to donate your life-savings or letting charity campaigns like this affect your daily expenditures. It is really the thought that counts and doing something you can within your means.

How about this, let's say instead of cabbing to work and back, why not save this amount and buy one of these exquisite accessories as a gift for your girlfriend, wife, cousin's birthday, mother, sister,BFF, your grandmother or even to pamper yourself. By doing so, you make someone's day and at the same time, you can do your part to help.

With combined efforts, the bloggers took photos of some of the rings and bracelets. If you're wondering who the hand models are, that's us taking turns to try on the rings:

Semi-precious stones ring series(adjustable widths):
Note: The rings may differ slightly because they are handmade.
Price: S$24.90 (exclude postage)

Photo courtesy of Ben Voda

Photo courtesy of: Calvin Timothy Leong


925-Silver ring series(adjustable):
Price range: S$55.00 to S$169

Photo courtesy of: Calvin Timothy Leong

Photo courtesy of: Calvin Timothy Leong

Photo courtesy of: Calvin Timothy Leong

Photo courtesy of: Calvin Timothy Leong
Photo courtesy of: Calvin Timothy Leong

Photo courtesy of: Calvin Timothy Leong

Hey, that's Yongwei in the background!
Photo courtesy of: Calvin Timothy Leong

The bracelet series:
Price: S$42.90 (exclude postage)

Photo courtesy of: Ben Voda

Photo courtesy of: Calvin Timothy Leong

Toe Rings:
Price: S$12.90 (exclude postage)
The rings come in pairs. Every pair has its individual value: love, friendship, freedom, beautiful, happiness, cool, peace etc.

Photo courtesy of: Calvin Timothy Leong

Photo courtesy of: Calvin Timothy Leong

Photo courtesy of: Calvin Timothy Leong

Photo courtesy of: Calvin Timothy Leong

Charity should not be just a one-time effort. There are many others who need our help constantly. The reason being, a situation will not simply just recover by itself, nor in a short period of time. This pain-staking process takes a lot of effort, support, aid and encouragement. Out there right now, there are millions of people in need.

Help share this campaign either via Facebook or on Twitter (hashtag #BTS). Click here to start shopping for your stylish Jewels now and at the same time, we sincerely hope to garner as much support from the bloggersphere to do your part for this devastating Japan Disaster .

If you decide to come back later, you may come back anytime and click on the banner which looks like this. It'll direct you back to this post:

Beneath The Stars Bloggers fund raising

Let’s ALL do something together to help Japan!!!


The meet up with Yang Lay was really heartwarming!

First, Yang Lay shared with us some of her charity work experiences with us.
The photo looked like a group of young children indulging in story-telling around a fireplace, doesn't it?


You see, we were were ABSOLUTELY ATTENTIVE.



We crowded around her work desk and read the emails she exchanged with Singapore Red Cross.

Then, she served homemade muffins: chocolate chip, pandan, almond...
(Photo courtesy of Calvin Timothy Leong)

And we had to choose this sort of a ring-accessory for our juice glasses so that ours do not get mix up with the rest.


This is what we do with the accessory to distinguish the glasses from one another:



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