Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mint is sick, with Tonsillitis

Good News: I didn't contract dengue fever.
Bad News: I develop Tonsillitis, a kind of throat inflammation.

To be exact, inflammation of the tonsils. The inflammation can spread all the way down the throat. There are different variations of what people go through-both minor and serious. Tonsillitis is extremely common in children and young people, but it can occur at any age.

Due to viruses or bacteria, the infection can spread from person to person by airborne droplets, hand contact or kissing, especially in halls.

When you open the person's mouth and look inside, you'll be able to identify red and swollen tonsils, with white puss that forms on and around them. In serious cases, acute Tonsillitis can cause a person to run a very high fever, a horrible pain in their throat and difficulty in swallowing liquids (what i'm currently going through).


photo source:,r:0,s:0&biw=962&bih=539

Difficulty swallowing
Pain in the throat (sometimes severe) that may last more than 48 hours (3rd day now)
If the pain is intense,one may stop swallowing saliva and start to drool. (Under control)
Possibly a high temperature (EVERY NIGHT)
Swollen lymph glands under the jaw and in the neck (YUP.)
Headache (ALWAYS)
General aches and pains (Written all over my twitter)
May have trouble speaking and may even experience difficulty breathing due to swollen and enlarged tonsils (YES!!!!)
Loss of appetite and may vomit (I lost weight)
Loss of voice or changes in the voice.(PRAY NOT PLEASE!)
Foul-smelling breath (EEEK...! Have I?!)

I got most of the symptoms; and this feels like crap.


Tried to take a few shots of my Tonsillitis but the photos came out all blurred and foggy due to my breathe. I wasn't able to use the micro function because my tonsils are too far back.






This is the clearest shot I can get:

I gave up and decided to post one which I found online which is closest to what my throat looks like. BEWARE GROSS ALERT.

Photo taken from:,r:6,s:80&biw=962&bih=539

-----End Of Gross Point-----

Let me whine. It's been a long time I whine and cried so much. I cried last night when my body started to have cramps and numbness. I cried out in pain when I took the injection. I cried on my way home and I cried even in bed. Swollen tonsils aside, I've got swollen eyes too!

I can't remember if I ever had a buttock-injection. When Dr Yeong recommended that, I requested for the jab to be done on my hand but he disapproved and told me that my hand muscles are too weak for the injection. ~I know why later.

Photo taken from:


My lower back hurt so much after that I broke into tears at Dr Yeong's clinic. I couldn't climb down the clinic's bed for a good 5 minutes. The pain was so bad I had to limp all the way home.

Well, the injection was not exactly on the buttocks hence you don't have to take off your pants. The jab was given nearer to my back. Black dot marks the spot:

And so, here I am now, lying in bed, bedridden. Cancelled all my tuition classes. Once I settled all my responsibilities, I'm going to make FULL use of my MC which covers me until Friday and take a long rest.

When Dr Yeong recommended the fastest and most effective way is to take the full course, 3 antibiotic injections, which I immediately decline. From what I know, some people experience so much pain that it became almost impossible to eat or drink anything. In cases like this, they have to be admitted into hospital and put on drip. The injections will then be injected into their drip.

I reckon this is going to cost a bomb so he put me on medication instead.


Will I be able to get well by Saturday for the fund raising performance?

Mint, Get well soon!

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  1. omg Girl, I KNOW what that feels like! I used to get it like Once Every Month! Like my period! hahah. Unfortunately I don't know what can help make it go away. At least your doc still gave you a jab. When you get well though, remember to still take care because it comes back very easily yea! :) Get well soon!!!

  2. Are you serious? Omg, I would really dreads this IF it comes too often.