Friday, April 29, 2011

Friends Of Japan- F&B Charity Privilege Card

#1 To help raise funds for the victims who are affected by the devastating Japan earthquake.

#2 As a show of support to the authorities for making Singapore food safe for consumption.


For these two special reasons, Japanese food business operators in Singapore have come together; 35 brands which together run over 100 restaurants and four supply chain companies in Singapore, they launched a campaign to raise at least $250,000.

How do they plan to raise $250,000?


Purchase this $5 Friends Of Japan privilege card at any of the listed restaurants (below) between 30th April- 15th May 2011 at any of the restaurants as well. ALL proceeds will be going to the Singapore Red Cross in aid of Tsunami Disaster Relief 2011.


Flash this card at over 100 Japanese restaurants between 30th April-31st May 2011 to enjoy discounts and other promotional offers on-site.

Check out these places to enjoy the privileges(The logos are printed on the card):



The team leader of Friends Of Japan is none other than Mr Takagi, who is also the managing director of Creative Food Concept group of restaurants which includes brands like Tampopo, Tarafuku & TsuruTsuruTei.


Their launch was sincere and direct-- Sushi-eating.
Yes, Japanese food in Singapore is safe to eat.

After that, Calvin Timothy and I had Sushi for brunch as well!



Thank you Friends Of Japan & IMSG for the sincere invitation.


Mint LOVE Japanese food Lots Lots!

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