Friday, April 8, 2011

NA.ZA- Bridal Photography In Taiwan

A group of Taiwanese were at this roadshow booth some time last month at Suntec City Convention Centre. They were invited by the Singapore Tourism Board to do a showcase.


Like seriously, a bridal/travel shoot package in Taiwan which includes:

Natural Backdrop,
In-house designed gowns and dresses,
VIP-style customer service,
Affordable prices,
Comes in packages which can cost up to at least $5000 or more easily in Singapore- accommodation, meals, travel guide,
best of all YOU GET TO TRAVEL!

Attractive, isn't this?

I'll be going there in JUNE 2011 for their 4 days 3 nights travel package(I don't know why so many people say I'm doing a bridal photoshoot. They have such package but NO!).

However, I'll be staying in Taiwan for a total of 7 days and 6 nights. So the rest of my time will be free-and-easy travelling(backpack?Maybe). It's going to be my very virgin flight and I'm absolutely over the moon!

NA.ZA bridal photography is located in Taipei City, No.166, Sec 1.Zhonghua Road. Alight at Ximen Station, walk up from Exit 1 and you'll see it.

This entire 4-storey building belongs to NA.ZA:

Be awed the posh-interior design of NA.ZA boutique(by seeing the pictures I want to go there so badly.


My Travel Package

Day 1: Choose and try on my dresses & destinations
Day 2: Make up, hairdo and set off!
Day 3: Choose 20 of my desired photographs
Day 4: Pack and go home!

Perks includes:
4 sets of evening gowns(female)
1 set of Tuxedo and 2 sets of formal suits(male)
waist cummerbund, shirt and boutonniere(male)
Professional Make up and styling(both)
60'inch poster
10" crystal picture frame
CD-Rom of all selcted photographs x1
Studio-Shotting and out-door shotting scene for a whole day.
Accomodation for all 3 nights, 2 of which will be spent in a hotel(some 'jiang hotel' because I can't make out the chinese characters they wrote on my receipt) and one night at We-Go theme motel.
Last but not least, unlimited Taiwan Snacks!!!

Oh Yes!


Stuff you do when you're there at NA.ZA Bridal Photography:

1. Decide a few destinations where you want your photoshoot to be.
2. Choose your gown and dress designs from the computer. You may also use your own which you bring from Singapore.
3. Their friendly staff will then lead you to one of their exclusive levels where the staff will attend to ONLY YOU.
4. Once there, try on the gowns and suits which they've prepared. Get your make-up and hair done as well.
5. Get ready to have a fun-filled day going around Taiwan and take the memories home!

Take a look at some of their works:
Actually, it was the gowns which attracted me to want this package THAT badly.


2 (75)





More photos can be found here(Bridal, family, friends, babies):

NA.ZA Bridal Photography

Taiwan, Taipei City, No.166 Sec.1 Zhonghua Road.

Packages Price range
S$1800- S$3000 (excluding air tickets)

The lady boss and the gown designer herself--Sherry
She's such a talent! Her gowns were featured on Taiwan Bridal Magazines! Let me ask for the articles from her.


Welcome. 2. Taiwan~ in June 2011 for me.


I'll try my best to arrange for discounts and perks with the company for you alright?

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  1. I think at least 3 of my friends did this. Cos the background were similar only gowns change. But the pictures turn out very nice. :)