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On Mobile(attempt 2): The Blogosphere & Singapore Blog Awards 2011

I'm trying to blog this entry with my iPhone on a bus.

It's the second attempt for the day. I accidentally published an incomplete post on my first. Whatever it is, I find this pretty amazing as I can blog on the go which will save pretty much a lot of my time.


A few evenings ago, Smith, a humble WTH blogger(think he's a sex blogger too) whom I met recently, and I hit on this topic about blogging. Both of us were already debating on the different terms used on a blogger community & about the evolution of blogs.

He termed it as "blogsphere" while I said it was "bloggersphere". Apparently, wikipedia and other dictionaries online term it as 'blogosphere'. This term is now widely use by a number of media and on the internet. (=.=") Ops, looks like we're both mistaken.

The term 'blogosphere' refers to blogs existing as a connected community where blog authors a.k.a. bloggers can publish their opinions. Blogosphere is a form of Social Network, like a big netconnecting all types of knowledge, common interests & even different types of relationships(kinships, friendship etc.) together.

My very first blog post dated all the way back on 7th June 2006. Yes, I started blogging 4 years ago. Before I created a blog, I have a habit of writing dairies. Exercise books wrap in construction paper, decorated with images, pictures and drawings, these DIY dairies accumulated on my book shelves.


That's me taken when I was a toddler. :)

Blogging did not strike upon me until I found out that it has the ability to upload and store pictures. This is something which is more inconvenient to be done on a dairy. To date, I owned more than 1500 blog entries altogether.

Technically speaking, I have two blog accounts; the first one has been set to private ever since I created the 2nd one. Like a dairy with a padlock, my 1st blog protects all my most cherished memories, photographs, milestones and lessons learnt during my teenage years. The other issue why i chose to close it privately is that there are too many secrets. *ops*

Those were not really secrets.

It's just that my first blog was all about my BGR problems, friendships, bitchings, how i spend my daily life, family, self-reflections... So to say, it is an extremely personal lifestyle blog where close friends used to come and leave comments, chit chat, gossip together. Of course majorty of these posts are ranting about the flaws of my ex-bfs and the really emotional part of me penning down my deepest thoughts which you might not even comprehend.

However, ever since I attended the 3rd Singapore Blog Awards last year, I was introduced to a group of wonderful blogger friends who invited me to participate in events. From then on, I began attending Press Conferences, Exclusive Media Events, Product & Movie Launches.

The evolution of my blog is prominent.

I get first-hand information most of the time thanks to the invitation to these exclusive events and I will blog about them.

Free movie tickets to attend movie premieres.
Complimentary goodie bags that comes with free gifts and vouchers.
At times, celebrities even came down to meet us in person for photo-taking sessions!

In fact, other than my friends, I have readers from US and Malaysia visiting my blog too! "HELLO FROM SINGAPORE!"

Friends asked, "Eh Mint, how did you manage to become a blogger?" And I will always pleasantly share my experience(and luck) with them:

To me, anyone who owns and writes a blog is a blogger.

It is my blessing, really, to be able to befriend such a group of extrodinary friends who happen to be actively attending such events.. At the same time, I registered and signed up with OMY Blog Club and became a member(FREE membership).

Whenever there is an invitation to an event via email, I will RSVP and attend it. Of course, there will be details like the venue, time and comprehensive information of the event itself. After which, I will blog about it and send it back to them, where they will post my reviews up on the Blog Club Site to share with others. There is also an website featuring their in-house bloggers. Before I forget to mention, is a local bilingual(Chinese and English) news and interaction website.

As the number of attending events increases, I got to meet more people- bloggers, merchandisers, PR & Marketing companies themselves, who unselfishly invited me to even more events.

Honestly speaking, the number of ACTIVE bloggers in the Singapore Blogosphere is still consider countable. You will usually meet the same bloggers at most of the events you go to due to common interest. Based on the characteristics of bloggers, everyone makes friends and build connections with everyone else really fast. So within a short period of time, you will know generally every other blogger who comes for the event.

I know some of you out there who are extremely curious about this. Well if you have a blog, be it famous or not, you can definitely join the club and experience the fun yourself! And yes, if you're genuine and sincere in making friends, you'll soon find hanging around with more bloggers just like yourself.

Please DO NOT think that just because your blog doesn't say anything much except about your personal life, you cannot join events and organisers will reject you. That's an EXCUSE to indicate how shy you are.

You see, you need to begin somewhere.

If you don't sign up and start attending something, how would you be able to write anything in the first place? Make sense? So have more confidence, take the first step!

Here is where you can start(And this was exactly how I came into the active blogosphere):

The Singapore Blog Awards is back this year- the 4th year now to be exact-- More extravagant, with more attractive prizes and definitely much more content to anticipate! In total, there are more than $30,000 worth of prizes to be won. How does this sound: winners of the Singapore Blog Awards get to fly to Melbourne; inclusive of air tickets and accommodation!

SHIOK right!

There are a total of 14 categories: Best Lifestyle Blog, Best What-The-Hell Blog, Best Fashion Blog, Best Individual blog, Best Food Blog, best photography blog and more!

This event is a big hoo-ha in the Singapore blogosphere; like the Singapore Star Awards. Bloggers & Blog Readers are welcomed to nominate or register blogs for the award under a suitable category. If you don't know which category you fit under, try 'Lifestyle' and 'Best Individual' for a start. Your blog will fit here no matter how personal you are.

Remember to be a good sport. even if you're not chosen this year, don't be disheartened because the Singapore Blog Awards happens every year. You can participate in it again. Furthermore, you'll most probably be invited to attend the Award Ceremony on the day itself as a guest where there'll be games and prizes to be won as well!

I've shared quite a fair bit with you. There are updates and news of other people who are sharing about this event on Twitter. Search for #sba2011 and you'll see.

Come on, I 'jio' you to come for Singapore Blog Awards 2011 together. Also, you can discuss about Singapore Blog Awards by using the same hashtag(#sba2011).

Welcome to the Blogosphere!

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