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Upcoming Channel U Mega Blockbuster Drama- Secrets.For.Sale《拍。卖》

I was one of the chosen Ubloggers to attend the private screening of Channel U’s new blockbuster drama, Secrets For Sale 《拍。卖》at Carlton Hotel on Friday.



Yes, I was among the first to catch the FULL 1st episode of Secrets For Sale. All I wish to say to you is, can watch, should watch, must watch!

I can’t wait until 14th March 2011, 10pm to watch on Channel U, AGAIN!


Starring many well-known mediacorp artistes like Christopher Lee (李铭顺), Jesseca Liu (刘子绚), Thomas Ong (王沺裁) and many more, this upcoming blockbuster drama series has a total of 13 episodes, and it is said that the story-ending is constantly changing until its very end.

There are so many twists and turns to the story already in the first episode itself. You'll find yourself going 'ohhh...', 'I see...', 'no wonder...' throughout the 1 hour.



Top: Photo taken with one of the TWO Secrets For Sale Posters that has Jesseca Liu and Christopher’s signatures on them.

Bottom: William was invited to watch Secrets For Sale with me.


To my utmost delight, Hpility, his cousin Terence, blogger Valentine and dearest Meibao were there at the private screening as well!


Photo from Left(Terence, Hpility, Mint, William)


Photo from Left( William, Valentine, Me, Hpility, Terence)

The registration process:

IMG_0293 IMG_0297


Top: All guests will get a mediacorp verification stamp on their hands.

Bottom: It’s been awhile since I see such a huge camcorder up-close; less than a metre away from me.


Everyone was given a lucky draw coupon to fill up to stand a chance and win mini hampers sponsored by Clinique as well as Takashimaya vouchers.



Drinks and bites were served as we waited to enter the ballroom.

IMG_0306 IMG_0310 IMG_0320 IMG_0321

I just thought that the ceiling of the ballroom was so high up and captivating I had to take a photo for remembrance purpose.


To warm us up, a short interstitial of the show was played. The cast discuss about the kind of photos they DO NOT WISH to be taken.

As a blogger, I feel A LOT about this issue. You would always want to look at your best in photos at blog events. Most of the time, you'll appear in other blogger friends' blogs as well so you have to be really cautious when you blink in front of the camera or laugh with your mouth open too wide.

Out there somewhere, there'll be someone like YONGWEI who will sieze every opportunity to zoom in to your blackheads or pimple, or upload the ugliest pose of you onto Facebook and evenon his own blog! It's no surprise to know that he's one of the 10 finalists for 'what-the-hell blog award at the Singapore Blog Awards last year. Here's one REAL LIFE example. He purposely post up a group photo taken with my eyes close!

The host of the day, Lee Teng, then took the stand and shared with the floor more about Secrets For Sale. He was describing about how the true the storyline is in real-life situations and that he somehow felt being 'snapped discreetly' by the floor that very moment. He is funny.



The facts are right in front of your eyes. It is not difficult to get a camera phone or camera in this modern society. Your privacy is fragile and easily invaded- you might be holding a cane a form of threat as you are reprimanding your child at home. The next thing you know, you appeared on public websites/headlines the very next day with people criticizing your action as a form of child abuse. So what will happen if one day, someone out there managed to do something like that to you? How will you react to a situation like this?

A picture speaks a thousand words. But what if, just what if, the picture is NOT telling what the truth seems to be? How about if a picture is trying to tell you a story which you have to figure out yourself?

The mandarin title of this drama is certainly interesting. "拍卖"(Pai Mai) stands for 'to sell something'. However in this case, you have to look at both characters separately.

The first chinese character of 《拍。卖》stands for ‘capture’ and the second stands for ‘betrayal’. Exactly what photos were captured and how did these images lead to the betrayal against one another? In this 13 episodes, the story will uncover all the darkest truths.

For one moment, I see the lead characters on screen.



And the very next, they appear in real life right in front of me!

Side note: Up until now, i daren’t asked Christopher Lee if the person I saw on the MRT the other day was him. *shy*

In this drama, Christopher Lee played the role of a talented photographer who was really down on his luck. The challenge for him is that his character is a mixture of a baddie, a goodie, a self-protective yet kind-hearted person. Most of all, the character is really thick-skinned. Christopher gave it all; from the most suave looking person walking out of a posh car, to the most ragged beggar-like pauper covered with bruises and only wearing a boxer.

This jovial character brings life to the entire drama, amidst the saddest truths and human betrayal.


Jesseca Liu plays the role of an ex-police officer who lost her closest family members overnight in a foreign country(Malaysia). She is one tough, smart and capable woman who took over a PI company. Together with her most delightful colleagues, she manages to uncover many truths through her lens. Although she looks tough on the outside, she actually portrays a soft-hearted and introvert inner self. The lost of her family haunted her for years...



When the thick-skinned meets the tough nut, sparks will happen! But what kind of sparks?

Let the show begins!

IMG_0363 IMG_9419 IMG_9420

It was a well-balance.

There are indeed many dark secrets to uncover. As the truths began to unfold, slowly but surely, the tense moments were so intense I could feel my heart in my mouth. At the same time, these intense moments were neutralised by Christopher’s jovial acts which came at the absolute right moments which made me laugh.


It's those yet-to-be-unfolded truths which created many moments of suspense which linger on even after the show has finished; the kind of suspense that leaves you hungry and dying to know the outcome. Before you knew it, the first episode is over.

So did the professor get killed? Was it an external affair? Will the PI save him or continue to take photos across the road? Will the SD card which stores all the photos be found again?

I can’t wait to catch the next episode!!!

In addition, I’ve specially invited the producer of Secrets Of Sales to say something to you.


The event finished off with a Q&A session and a lucky draw where prizes were given out.


Out of the 4 of us, Terence won himself a Clinique hamper from the Q&A session and William was one of the lucky draw winner!

IMG_9415 IMG_0360


Even after the event, we stayed on and tried to create little stories for ourselves. Smile


Made-up photo description:

(Top)Hpility was the one who caught the lead actor and actress in 'action'. *Ops*

(bottom) I was actually the one who did 'something' with Christopher Lee upon a closer look. *Double Ops*


Lee Teng, you are such a wonderful host.


Our group was invited to do a short interview for Channel U thereafter!

IMG_9497 IMG_9507

William had asked around and found out that both the theme & legitimate songs are sung by Anthony. I’ve found both songs on YouTube just for you:

Secrets For Sale theme song: 倪安東 Anthony - 缠斗

Secrets For Sale legitimate song: 倪安東 - 散場的擁抱



  • From 6th March 2011-13th March 2011, Stay tune to Channel U at 10.55pm (right before the 11pm News) to enjoy the makings of Secrets For Sale!
  • Visit their official website daily after each episode and catch additional Secrets For Sale stories-extensions- to the ones shown on Channel U. These extensions are only available to be watched online in the form of 13 webisodes of 3 minutes each, don’t forget!



Channel U Secrets For Sale 《拍。卖》 Mega Blockbuster Drama


14th March 2011, Monday – Friday, 10pm



On Channel U!

Join Secrets For Sale Facebook page here as well as their OFFICIAL WEBSITE for more exclusive photographs, blog information from other Ubloggers, as well as many more behind-the scenes updates!

Remember to catch Secrets.For.Sale《拍。卖》on Channel U!

Thank You Channel U for this exclusive invitation. Thank you William for accompanying me at the venue and so many wonderful photographs!

Photo credits: William & Mint


  1. when will it be re-telecast? OR is it shown anywhere else? MobTV? Can buy?

  2. Hi Marcus, I think you can catch their FULL series here: :)