Thursday, March 10, 2011

Want to learn guitar?

You are looking at just the right place because…

Desmond Wong is teaching!

In any case you have no idea who Desmond Wong is, he is the guitarist who does my performances with me

Insides: He is the one who writes ALL my song chords.

With 10years of experience, Desmond has accumulated encyclopaedia-thick song chords mentally. From English, Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese to Japanese songs. If he knows how to sing it, he can play it. And now, he wishes to impart his guitar skills to you!

Check out some of the songs he’d done with his friends:

Desmond Wong’s Guitar Lessons


Duration:1 hour

Fees: $45/lesson (to be collected on each lesson)

Payment Mode: Cash/ Immediate bank transfer

Materials provided (But not the guitar of course).

Venue: To your convenience

Contact Desmond @9810 3646 for more details.


Yes, of course I did the bargains on your behalf. Quote “Mint” and get a straight $10 off your fees! Attend Desmond’s Guitar Lesson for ONLY $35!

To the future-to-be guitarist, don't forget to invite me to do cover songs together in the near future after you get famous! Open-mouthed smile

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