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Review: Mission Easy- It's your Media Dream Come True!

Someone out there would like to fulfil your dream as either a director, script writer or Actor. Read on.

Mission Easy is presented to you by Asiatainment Pte Ltd, a movie production, events and public-relations company by Edmund Chen(陈之财). He's the man:


What is Mission Easy?


It is a film workshop where YOU, irregardless of background, experience of age and walks of life can participate and make a 10-minute short film based on the theme of 'Love'. The programme aims to provide a platform vital for YOU to kick-start your career in the media industry and it hopes to be a medium by which anyone can fulfil their dream of making it as a director, actor or scriptwriter.

Participants will be divided into teams of budding directors, script writers as well as actors and actresses(all mentioned above) of about 5 per group, and challenged to complete criteria and challenges set by Edmund Chen which they have to meet in order to be deemed good enough for the ultimate prize.

That's NOT all.
If you're one of the participants, boy are you in luck!

You will have a prestigious mentoring team comprising professionals from the media industry to guide you through the tricky process of film making! You're going to learn SO much!!!

I was at the press conference and met some of your mentors-to-be. This is such a golden opportunity to learn so much knowledge with NO Charges. You heard it loud and clear my friends, you don't have to pay a SINGLE CENT. Simply go to, download and fill up the registration form, and send it back to Asiatainment Pte Ltd viz post/email.

And the ultimate prize is...*Drum Roll*

If your short film is chosen as one of the best 10, it will be combined to form a 100-minute length film which Asiatainment Pte Ltd intends to have screened to the public!


Mission Easy- Film Workshop

Where to find applicatio form:


Just fill in the application form, have it done online or download, fill it up and sent to:

Asiatainment Pte Ltd
163 Tras Street
Lian Huat Building
Singapore 079024

Alternatively, if you can compose your very own song that may be used as the score for the winning film, just send the original song as MP3 and send it to the Address mention above or upload it to as well.

Last day of submission: no later than 1st April 2011(Friday)

You have just made your very first step into your passion-and-dream-come-true! Thumbs up!

Okay, I'm going to re-write this in Chinese.
(SOS from the ECTV Press Release Media Kit!)

Asiatainment Pte Ltd 将举办“简单任务”电影工坊。不分年龄(9-90岁),职业,种族,背景,经验, 只要您对拍戏有着一股热诚,或有志一尝电影制作,我们绝对欢迎您前来参加!

本地艺人陈之财创办的Asiatainment Pte Ltd,将聚集一组资深艺人及影视制作幕后精英,充分为参与者提供指导,引领他们入门。当然,首先必须经过面试才行哦。

参与者将组成5人一组,负责执导,编剧或演戏等分工,制作出长达十分钟的短篇。 最杰出的10组作品,将被集合制作成一部100分钟的影片。


Asiatainment Pte Ltd
163 Tras Street
Lian Huat Building
Singapore 079024





================= Mission Easy Press Conference===================
================= 简单任务 明星工坊记者会 ===================

So much Love was in the air the day. It was very inspiring, touching and I was extremely dumbfounded by the amount of genuine kindness these well-recognized professionals contain from the heart.

There are many more whom I didn't have enough time to take photos with. The only thing i regretted was, why didn't I dress better for the press conference! *slap myself*

The food prepared by Chef Daniel's Kitchen:





CK, the emcee, asked the floor "what do you think is 'love' to you?" The first one he approached to ask was Yongwei!

And Yongwei mentioned that, Love is to unselfishly donate & donate & donate. CUTE!


Note that little orange notebook in his hands? It's his new organiser which he brings it everywhere he goes now. You'll catch him busy taking down notes at Press conferences & events now! :)




Actress Li Zhi Yi.


Master Hui, Hui Shi Fu. I can't believe I'm standing next to the popular master who was on this year's Chinese New Year Variety Show telling the viewers about their fortune for the year!


Andy, the popular hairstylist & Jiujian on my right(black & white strips)


I bumped into a friend, Alvin from Silver Media group. Hello, Alvin!


One of the mentors on the list, Glenn, the director of Fighting Spiders!


Yes, you can envy me.
I'm standing in between Miss Singapore(right) and Yang Lay, none other than the official jewelry sponsor of Miss Singapore Universe, Miss Singapore World & Mrs Singapore who made the pageant's crowns & accessories!


and look, she gave away ONE of her rings each to everyone who attended the press conference. I got one too:



Samuel Seow, a prestigious lawyer (wearing black on my right)


Left to right: Alice, Miss Liu(a director from Beijing), Collin(Music producer who wrote 爱恨承诺 by Jacky Cheung).


And my dearest Siok Ping! 白兔姐,好久不见!
Why didn't I take a photo with Felicia? *hummmpf*

It was wonderful to meet up with familiar faces!
Thank you OMY.SG for the invitation!

I am going to try enter the Mission Easy Workshop too.
*grabs pen to fill up registration form*

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