Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Megamind 3D & The nicest grandmother in the world.

She has touched me;
Made me something which I will treasure for life.
I will make it part of my wedding decoration regardless of what.

She, is none other than Jackie's(my bf) Grandmother, who has worked a whole day just to sew me a big red ribbon for my dress up party. She's the nicest, nicest, nicest grandmother in the world!

I had been looking up and down for a big red ribbon for my head and i can't find it. She happened to know and offered to help me sew one.


I feel so helpless that I can't do anything except to help her thread the needle.

This is how the final product looks like:

I can't wait to watch MEGAMIND 3D.

There was a dress up party at the gala event and many of us came dressed up as Superheroes. Have you figured out what I'm going to dress up as yet?

It's Blossom from Powerpuff Girls!

And here are my other 2 girls:
Samantha as Bubbles and Claressa as Buttercup.
The cutest thing is that Samantha even brought an octopus toy!!!

Here comes the Mascot: Megamind himself. Everyone went crazy over taking photos with him!
The lady with the PPG in the picture below is Gin Wong. She dressed up as the female reporter in Megamind- Roxanne.

Oh, and I get to meet Xiaxue for the very first time, what an honour!

The happiest thing today is that I met Jewl there as well. She was Gin's guest.
Yingzi, sweetest as ever, helped us looked after our bags while we were asked to take photos in front of the poster. Love her to bits! Look how funny she is trying to hit the head of Megamind!

William, the superhero dash up of the escalator looking all swift and well, superhero-like. He's dressed up as himself as the superhero! :) Hpility had the coolest Tee today-It says, "I'm Not A Blogger. I just Tweet A Lot" When a reporter meets another reporter. They interview each other.

Do we look like blind people coming to watch a movie? Hilarious right?

Everyone is really satisfied with Megamind 3D.

Megamind, the main character, was always being outcast no matter how well he tried to behave when he was a child. It was then that he decided that since he can't be the best, he would be the worst! And thus, Megamind was born.

He was a Supervillian for many years, but with a heart of gold. He did all of those things a Supervillian should not have done: Fell in love with the reporter, save people; and a little dumb.

The most absurd thing which happened in the story:
Megamind defeated his childhood enemy, Metroman. He felt his life so meaningless because now there was no one to stop him from doing his crimes. So Megamind invented a new superhero to try defeat himself.

Did he manage to succeed in the end...
Watch the official trailer:

Mint gives Megamind 5 out of 5 stars.

I love this trailer MORE MORE MORE because it gives more details.
The part when Megamind narrates "Metroman wins some, I ALMOST win others..."

Megamind is always optimistic.

Thank you for the great laughter, Megamind.
And thank you Samantha and OMY for this great invitation!


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