Friday, November 26, 2010

Mint's Concert Poster & for those who believe in me

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My very first music concert.
I'll be singing 11 of my composed songs-all(mandarin).

Click here to go to the facebook event page to RSVP to the concert.

I will try my very best to hold back all my tears on both days.
The main reason why I'll be in tears is because I am really touched deep down in my heart knowing how much all my friends and family show their support towards me. On top of that, there's the amount of love they showered on me, making me the most blessed woman in this universe. This kind of 'touch' is really beyond any words can describe. Thank you all so much for all your motivation and encouragement!

To Wen Wei: Thank you for leading me to walk my very first step towards this singing path.
To Desmond Wong: Thank you for believing and writing all the chords for me.
To Yuxian: Thank you for sacrificing your time just to help me play the chords.
To Jason, Arvind, Weixiang, Eugene: Thank you for all your valuable feedbacks.
To Long gor: Thank you for the exposure you have given me to perform on stage.
To Mom, Meibao, Karyn, Norman, Jacob, Jieyong: My Number 1 supporters ttm!
To Jackie Goh: Thank You or your patience and understanding as a boyfriend who has put in 100% pride in taking care of my basic needs and neccessities. Not to forget how you always forgive my short-temperness and unreasonable demands of you.

To Evan Tiang:
Thank you for the endless things you've done to help cement my passion together- introduce your gifted musician friends to me, the time and efforts you sacrifice to stay up and finish my songs/videos, the money and time you invest on the proper sound equipments, for your 24/7 listening ear as I rant about my difficulties and woes, now even helping to design my poster. Last but not least, the hot honey and drinks you make for me. There is so much more which I have failed to mention. But hey, it's all kept in my heart k!

Sunday's concert tickets are FULLY sold out!
Saturday's concert is 50% full.
All tickets cost $10 each.
Each comes with ONE complimentary drink and ONE exclusive concert door gift.

Do PM my facbook or email to if you're interested to come!

To that minority who says that my passion for singing is a day-dream: HELLO I'M OPENING A CONCERT WITH 2 SETS OF SHOWS BACK TO BACK!

There's a distinctive difference between a gossip and a backstab.


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