Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bubble's 1st 'Outside World' Visit

Plan A: To go Wild Wild Wet and spent one wild-wet day with a few friends. In the end except for one, the rest had last minute matters that cropped up. We had to postpone the event. So in less than a minute, I drew up Plan B: To bring Bubble out to Pasir Ris Farmway to play!

Of course, he had absolutely NO IDEA where we were bringing him to so he sulked all the way while he was in the car.

He managed a faint smile though when he saw the camera snapping him away,
enough to charm.


Went to pick Mom up so that she could spend a day with puppy too!

Bubble was not keen at all when he first arrived at the doggie playground.
He was trembling all his might- you could tell from his legs.
He could not control his blabber and peed along the corridor the moment he arrived.

Instead of running around as if this was dog paradise,
he was hiding away from the place:
along the wired fence, behind the pilars, grabbing the chairs,
even between my legs(although this sounds so wrong).

He was fortunate because there was another toy poodle, Milo, who tried to played host and wanted to show him around. Neverthless Bubble refuse to budge. We tried bribing him with his favourite treats, toys and his water bottle.
Those did not work either.

More dogs came forward to welcome him. And when the bigger dogs- the golden retrievers and this HUGE BLACK Labrador tried to sniff him, he started 'running for his life'!

Poor Bubble!

It was definitely NOT what I expected. He was really sociable with humans, even kids. I reckoned he lacks socialising with dogs. In the end, Milo's owner suggested that I bring Bubble to the Small Dog Playground so that he can familiarise himself instead.

At first he followed me wherever I went. Then gradually, I stepped out of the gate and he was left all alone in the playground. He got really happy inside, look at his big smile!

We brought him back to the big playground. He got the hang of it and was following Bf and I around. We made him do some tricks by crossing some of the obstacles and look how smart he was!

The final section we brought him to play was at the dog pool.

The photos I've taken will tell you how much I wish I could just carry him up and protect him for good. But deep down inisde, I know I must let go so that he learns how to stand up on his own feet.

Look how petrified Bubble was!!!
Looking back at the photo below now, I kept laughing at his then innocence.

"AWwww.... PUPPY, Mummy come save you!"

Like a mother guiding her son, Bubble was soon paddling in the water. He still needs more practice though. He was still paddling for his life when he was ABOVE the waters. On top of that whenever I let go, he would swim to safety at once!

The last part before he went home, I had to give him a shower. You still remember the ticks issue I had with Bubble some time ago right? May history not repeat itself.
Mom and Bf took turns to dry him up.

He is such a lucky little puppy. Barely 10minutes we were done cleaning him up, the sky started pouring like mad. We made our way to Tampines for brunch(breakfast + lunch) before heading home.

Puppy, Mummy promise to bring you out again soon!
Bubble's looking for friends to come along!

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  1. I think maybe he didn't get to play with dogs very often that's why he's afraid. When I brought him to my grandma's place, he was always chasing after the 'fighter club' (Vela and my aunt's pom) but never dares to join to play and when a human comes near, he hides in between that person's legs, LOL! Timid like Volka! But Volka now very brave already, will scold dogs, sibei haolian.