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Rojukiss Stim Cell Natural Whitening Series(Men and Women)

If you know me long enough, you'll know that I was never the kind of girl who will be bothered with cosmetics and skincare products.


Some time ago, I had blogged a post about this before:
I realize women require this 3 minimum criteria to look beautiful
(actually clean and healthy-looking):

1. Good Complexion
2. Healthy Hair
3. Straight and White teeth

My complexion has gone from baby-skin flawless to full of flaws. So did my hair, when it was already frizzy, thick and dry during my secondary school days. And my teeth, they aren't straight and white at all.

I want to be beautiful!
And that means I must be determined NOT TO BE LAZY USING SKINCARE PRODUCTS anymore.

I confess! I'm that kind of girl who never seem to know which product I am suitable to use, or what to use for my skin problem. When someone says that a particular product is good, I'll buy a big bottle back to try; to realize that product has just caused me more pimple outbreaks!
Trust me to be a girl.

The thrash bin saved up much of my room space.

But many thanks to Confirm Trading Pte Ltd,I got to really understand whether certain products are suitable for me and best of all, I get to do reviews of products first before purchasing and wasting any more money on these beauty and skincare products.

This is my changing point.

Check out my BEFORE complexion first before you even begin:

Notice the edge of my face seems to have a lot of blemishes and uneven dark tones. So is my crown area.

Ladies, let me introduce to you what I've been using recently:

The Rojukiss Stim Cell Natural Whitening Series.
Check out their 3 New Innovations of Blushing White Action of whitening,
blushing and retaining new whiter in these products:

Revives deep-dull and damage cell to accelerate new cell regeneration for whiter, brighter, steady, fading red-dark spot from acne and sun freckles

Pink Blushing White Growth
Increases every cell’s energy circulation for blushing skin effect

Mela-less Skin Blocker
Block the UV damaging signal from sun and the others to retain white skin

I was given 3 types of Rojukiss whitening product:

1.The Stim Cell Natural Serum for Light Tone
(For normal areas)

2.The Stim Cell Natural Serum for Dark Tone
(For stuborn brown spots and pigmentation difficult to solve)

Goodness of the serum:

It contains Nano White Particle:
50,000 Molecule smaller than hair, provide deep penetration and fast absorption.

Advance Packaging
This is a new technology for storage seperation “Stim
White Cell Serum” and “White Active Activator”. Press 1 time on
cover container can ensure highest efficacy for everyday use.

Dummy Guide:
Applying serum onto facial skin and around eyes both
day and night after washing face

3.Stim Cell Natural Daily UV Scatter Sunscreen with SPF 50PA+++
(Deeply protect cell and effectively protect skin, so dullness not return)

Goodness of the Sunscreen:

180 Degree UV Scatter
It doesn't only reflect out, but also 180 degree scatter out sunlight from over factors

Deep Cell Aging Protection
It deeply protect cell and effectively protect skin, so that dullness not returm.

Consistent Sunsvreen Protection
Perfect protection skin from sunlight for 12 hours!

Extra Long Anti Oxidant
Reduce damage skin from sunlight, pollution and other factors and maintain new brighter skin cells.

Water Proof
Sweat Proof and lightly cream and left of deposit cream

Dummy Guide:
Apply this sun block all over face after washing face and using cream - Shake well before use

Photo below is taken on the 3rd day I was using the product.
Notice the difference to my skin tone already?
The tone on my face is more even out by now!

I'm beginning to love this habit!
In fact, I reckon it'll be something I can't do without anymore- loving my skin and protecting it.

When I was younger, I had tried those sunblock when learning how to swim. They feel so oily and smell like coconut on me. This sunscreen, however, is non-oily at all. It is easy to apply due to its water-base solution, which in turns leaves no white residue on your face but a faint floral scent instead! On my way to outside, I can still faintly smell the sunscreen and I feel so clean and protected.

The serum is transparent and scent-free. It seeps into the pores almost immediately hence your face always feels fresh, dry and comfortable.

Hohoho, MEN out there. Of course I won't leave you out!
There's Rojukiss Stim Cell Natural Whitening for MEN!

The skin of a male is 20% thicker than a female's, takes longer to revive new cell and definitely oiler than female skin,so the products that they use must contain the special techniques for care.
Especially development for male,this range helps to fade deep dull skin red-dark spot from pimple for brighter and healthier skin. It prevents red-dark spots from acne by its stim white cell and 3 innovation for healthy white action for men.

Facts on Men's skin:

20% thicker skin on Epidermis
Hard to restoration and nourishment of skin

Tougher skin and lower rate to relieve skin cell:
More exfoliate accumulated dead skin cell

Higher rate of oily skin:
Easily Oily skin, wide pore and new acne

Hence, the Rojukiss Stim Cell Natural Whitening(men) contains:

STIM White CELL For Men
Concentrated cell generation from natural, exfoliate accumulated dead skin cell to restore brighter, steady,Fading red-dark spot from acne and sun freckles.

Healthy White Growth
Blend innovation from natural for increase skin cell energy and healthy skin

Mela-less Skin Blocker
Protect cell for first sunlight, help scattering UVB retaining whiter skin

3DS (Deep Dermal Delivery System)
Used to transfer important substance deep into skin layer effectively

So many goodness in ONE series.
How's that sound?

I have a really pleasant experience with the Rojukiss products and Confirm Trading. You can add them on facebook too via here!

I am so Fortunate! Now you can be too!

Where to grab them:
Rojukiss new ranges are sold exclusively at Guardian outlets from beginning of Mid-December

Another secret to share with you:
Guardian will be opening another two new stores in Serangoon Nex and Marina Bay Sands from beginning December. For those who are interested to do a sneak preview for Rojukiss and other new products, you may visit the stores as they will be carrying them. :)

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