Thursday, November 18, 2010

Marry Me, Flutter Music

I finally saw "The Lengendary Music Score Stand"; Nave's birthday present.
I'm not a pink person but honestly, I HEART it seriously because of its prominence in his almost-black-and-white bedroom!

Evan Tiang, forever the hardest at work.
Arranging cables, plug-ins, opening the necessary programmes, downloading music lyrics, even pouring our drinks and running errands for Yongwei(Buay Paiseh)!

While this lazy bum bum just sat there and waited to be served!

Does this look the the toy trying to reach out for the Singapore flag on the guitar?

We spent a good 2.5 hours re-doing our Lunchbox song. Then Nave suggested his idea of inviting us over was to do just a casual jamming session.

And because there's limited songs Yongwei knows how to play, we did his favourite 爱我别走 by 张震岳。The chords weren't the same as the real chords-Yongwei's version. Then again, it's just a casual jamming session right??? We did this in like, 20min at 1am at night! So Enjoy!

I'm in love with this new love- Marry Me.

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