Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tiger Beer Celebrates CNY with Prizes Worth S$999,999!


Just received & posted an instagram on my 1st CNY Goodie bag with a Tiger Beer's limited edition CNY 2013 Pint Bottle yesterday. What a great chinese new year start,


Tiger Beer's CNY Collector's Edition Pint Bottle

Tiger Beer has unveiled its first-ever Chinese New Year Collector’s Edition Pint Bottle (330ml) to
celebrate the Lunar New Year and bring to life “聚财迎新 (Ju Cai Ying Xing)”, which translates to
“Ushering in Prosperity Together for the New Year”.

Tiger Beer - CNY Collector's Edition Bottle (Black BG)

The 4 chinese characters are printed in gold & spread across cherry blossoms. This festive design signifies the auspicious notion of bringing prosperity to consumers all year round. By the way, ALL 4 characters are printed on the bottle but I angled my bottle in such a way that the "财" character which means 'fortune' is shown in my instagram picture, 2013 HUAT AH~! (again lol)

Here's how you can win a Tiger Beer Limited Edition CNY Pint Bottle:

Customers can redeem a limited edition pint bottle when they submit 9 Tiger Beer bottle (633ml) crown liners bearing the shape of a bottle underneath.

The limited edition pint bottle can be redeemed as part of Tiger Beer’s ongoing promotions at participating coffee shops and hawker centres all across Singapore, while stocks last.


There's a cash prize of S$9,999 waiting to be won too!
Promotion runs from 15 Dec 2012 to 24 Feb 2013.

For more information, please log on to Tiger Beer Singapore’s website at
www.TigerBeer.com.sg and Facebook page at www.facebook.com/TigerBeer.sg.

NOTE: The legal age to drink in Singapore is 18 & above

Tiger Beer's CNY Roadshows

From now until mid-February 2013, a series of roadshows will be held up till 8 February at selected coffee shops and diner outlets. These roadshows will feature opportunities to participate in “Grab the Cash” contests, where consumers are able to catch as many vouchers as possible within 15 seconds in exchange for cash

Here's another collector's item you can also take home today:
Get your own GOD OF FORTUNE


Representing prosperity & fortune, Jin, Yin, Cai are up for grabs at all leading supermarkets and convenience stores, while stocks last.  

Take a good look at the God of Fortune figurines in order of 金, 银, 财 (Jin, Yin, Cai):

The last of the collectibles, Bao, will ONLY be available at roadshows taking place in ALL PARTS of Singapore from 26th Jan to 8th Feb 2013. Bao is so cute omg!!! 

You want 金银财宝?

VISIT THE TIGER BEER ROADSHOWS at all leading supermarkets between 26 Jan 2013 - 8 Feb 2013. View the list of roadshow schedule here.

By the way, I'm one of the appointed EMCEEs for the roadshows to give away all these prizes! MUAHAHAHAHA.

Purchase a carton of 24-pack carton & you get to play this 'tap & win' game where you'll CONFIRM win other festive collector's items from Tiger Beer, including the God Of Fortune figurines.

1 carton = 1 tap
Maximum 6 taps per receipt

Buy more, try more, win more! 
Yes, the SURE-WIN "tap & win' game is waiting for you at the Tiger Beer roadshows, while stocks last.

Come & look for me to win your prizes~
HUAT AH (3rd time!)


I'll update on Twitter my whereabouts so do follow:
look for my Twitter ID: @MintLeong

Here's a TOAST to you with TIGER BEER~!

GYSB - 14

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