Monday, January 14, 2013

Resolutions 2013


I finally have time to sit down & really think through my resolutions for 2013. I give myself ten resolutions annually but this year, I'm going to stick to just eight. Now that I've almost recovered from my 39 degree Celsius high fever which went on for consecutively 6 days, I really have to stop being a workaholic & learn how to cut myself some slack.

Ladies & gentlemen, 
I now present my 8 New Year Resolutions.

~1  Go on a Taiwan Holiday! 

Welcome 2 Taiwan!
I simply love love love love love Taiwan.
The people, the culture, the language, their services, the manners & everything about Taiwan itself. It's really easy to adapt to life in Taipei because the life is so simliar to that of Singapore's except that the people there are so much more well-mannered and the daily life starts later so we can sleep in!

Instead of just Taipei, I hope to explore their countryside too, visit unique cafes, admire the sceneries. Maybe I'll visit this Autumn, when it's cooling & nice. Most importantly when they are selling all those pretty autumn/winter boots! I'm going to loot many many many pairs home, whee~! 

~2 Get my driving license  

It's about time too. I've been letting this resolution dragged too long. With the driving license obtained, I can aim for a car next and drive my Buppy around! 

~3 Learn & Play the Ukulele

Thank you Angie, Fenny & Conan for giving me a beautiful white ukulele!!! I can't wait to perform & planning how to make Youtube Covers with it. Heh-Heh.

I supposed it should be so much easier to learn given its size. The guitar... is too... big...  :p

Which leads to my next resolution...

~4 Upload at least 5 Youtube Video Covers for MissMintLeong Youtube channel.

They don't have to be all recorded with the Ukulele. 

What I'm talking about is to constantly do Youtube cover videos so that I can check back on the improvement of my vocals, as well as to improve my stage presence. 

I admit.

I may not have the natural talent of being able to sing & perform outstandingly & confidently as compared to many Youtube singers out there. I'm a slow learner too. But I aim to get there some day with ALL my hard work & effort; to bring my music to strangers who'll want to share the music with their friends, and music that their friends will want to share with their friends too. I am trying extremely hard because I love to do this too much.

I'll do it, slowly but surely. 
Please be patient with me.

~5 Achieve & Maintain at 48KG

It's my ideal weight and one that I know I'll look good in.
Please let me get & maintain my 48KG so that I can look good for my wedding in time to come! :D

~6 Start my teeth straightening and whitening treatments

I've had this on my wishlist for the longgggggggggggggggest time.  I've always wanted my teeth to be straight & white so that I'll look good on screen & while I'm performing. I'm someone who is so in love with sunshine smiles and of course, I hope to possess one too, the kind that'll go 'Kwwwwwwwwwwink'. 

Awww..... *melts*

~7 Save up at least 5K BY Dec 2013

I'll be honest with you. I never had savings. 
Whenever I manage to save something, something will happen and I'll need to use them up. Worse, it was never ME who needed to use it anyway: Jobless ex boyfriend, then my gambling father, later gambling ex boyfriend, last but not least father AGAIN (Especially him!).

The thing about me disliking addicted gamblers. 
I'm not saying you can't gamble but know your limits.

Nevertheless, I won't allow incidents like this to happen anymore.

~8 Earn AT LEAST 2K per month

It's only decent in order to fulfil the resolutions I have mentioned earlier: my driving license, start my teeth treatments, save up, Taiwan trip, daily expenses, bills... GO GO GO FIGHTING!

Oh yes, I have to add in one more in my resolution 2013. 
It's supposed to the most normal thing but I have none at all.
This is so forgotten that I MUST include this in my resolution.

~9 Give myself a Break ONCE a week. 

I'm a freelance host/singer/blogger.

Everyone thinks it's easy because being a freelancer, you can have plenty of time staying at home. Think again, where do you think my portfolio comes about?

And like I said since I don't have that natural talent, I have to work doubly hard to get similar results. 

For the past 1 year I've been slogging day & night planning my own timeline, organising schedules, looking for assignments to take, doing research, preparing my host scripts from scratch, going for endless auditions, castings, rehearsals, meetings, rushing out blog deadlines, attending blog events, taking up vocal classes...

When I decided on doing Mint Showcase, time & effort goes into the plannings, organising, not to mention rehearsals. Thank goodness myDreamGuy & trustworthy bffs were there for me.

For freelancers like us, there are no breaks, no off days unlike an office job. 
You have to work even when you're sick. 

Although I'm enjoying every bit of it, I recently realised just how much i'm actually tiring myself out. 

So I'm officially giving myself a break once a week.

No work. 
No blogging.
No phonecalls.
No meetings.
No checking & replying emails.
No researching.
No organising.
No attending blog events.

Just me doing things I like to do, pampering myself for a day and NOT think about work AT ALL: Be it sleep in, watch TV, dating, play with Bubble, shopping, reading a book, going for a massage, excursions...


Here's a summary of my 9 New Year resolutions:

~1  Go on a Taiwan Holiday! 
~2 Get my driving license  
~3 Learn & Play the Ukulele
~4 Upload at least 5 Youtube Video Covers for MissMintLeong Youtube channel.
~5 Achieve & Maintain at 48KG
~6 Start my teeth straightening and whitening treatments
~7 Save up at least 5K BY Dec 2013
~8 Earn AT LEAST 2K per month
~9 Give myself a break ONCE a week. 

It is essential to give yourself new year resolutions and write them down somewhere so that in the middle of the year when you feel lost & helpless in life, you'll always have somewhere to refer to and focus back what you aim to achieve at the beginning of the year.

I personally think that New Year Resolutions give you goals in life & push you to become a better self.  There's a sense of satisfaction in you when you manage to achieve them. You don't need 10. If you've never set them, you might want to start with just 1.

It can something as simple as giving yourself a promise to meet up with your family and have a dinner with them at least once this year, or learn a new skill to something awesome like breaking a guinness world record. 

It can be ANYTHING. 
What is/are your new year resolution(s)? 

I don't know if you've noticed.
There are tabs located at the top of my blog site where you can access by clicking on them. 

The last tab, 'Goals', is where I keep a list of my wish list & new year resolutions. 
I've compiled my Youtube videos, Travelogue & update you on events where I host & sing too! 

Please go take a look!

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  1. You seriously think you can earn money just by blogging, singing and hosting? To be really really really honest, you can't sing, you dun look pretty (mouth is too giantic!)and and short, everything about you is NO GOOD! Please find a proper job!