Friday, January 11, 2013

Come & Watch Mint Showcase II this coming weekend!

It's tomorrow, It's tomorrow!
After 1 year, Mint Showcase is going to be back and it's happening tomorrow and Sunday!

A BIG THANK YOU to every single guest who've bought your ticket and coming for this showcase to show your support & love. SATURDAY'S tickets are officially SOLD OUT! Wohoooo~!

poster A2

Mint Showcase 1 & 2

  • As compared to the first showcase where the band and I performed a total of 10 original songs, we have prepared 14 songs this time round, up to 2 HOURS OF LIVE MUSIC! 

  • The lyrics of the originals have been revised/

  • Our music producer, Won, has also given the songs a brand new feel. Not only that, we've prepared a new song written by Desmond Wong, where you're going to hear it for the very first time.
  • There are going to be special guests performers this year. Read on to find out who!
  • There's going to be an EMCEE!
  • MUCH BETTER DOOR GIFTS: During Mint Showcase 1 in 2011, everyone was given a complimentary drink, a limited edition Mint Bear & a rocher flower.  For Mint Showcase 2, all attending guests will be given a complimentary drink, limited edition MintShow2 badge, S$150 worth of goodie bag & more lucky draw prizes to be won!

All for the price of just S$25.

I've just recovered from high fever which lasted almost a week since last Friday. 

However it's not going to dampen my high spirits for the showcase. 
I'm still exhilarated and I'm not going to let the 5-month long preparations goes to waste!

So please come and watch the performance,
Everyone of us have put in our very best effort to make this happen; From the responsible crew, to the supporting guests, to the band, to the generous sponsors and even the guest performers.

And now may I present, 
Our 2 beautiful Special Guest Performers for Mint Showcase II

Ruth Wei Miao Ru
She's only 22  years old but already a popular local musician who has taken part and won numerous awards in local singing competitions and most recently represented Singapore at the Million Star 华人星光大道 Season Two '12.  Apart from competitions, Miao Ru has been a seasoned demo singer for prominent artistes like JJ Lin, Joi Chua etc. Her recognizable voice can also be heard over local airwaves for radio jingles and theme songs. 
Miao Ru’s future exudes promise and exciting times ahead."

Silver Ang

First introduced into the scene in Project Superstar 2005, She has evolved from a chubby young ignorant girl into a pretty well-travelled lady. Never one to give up on her dreams, she still seeks to actively improve herself and her singing. It's been years since she actually sang on stage in a real performance, so do keep your ears tuned as she makes a special guest appearance in Mint's live showcase!

Silver Ang will be performing 3 cover songs & there will be a special video prepared by Miaoru for all of you!

Do you know that LIVE music always sounds different from recorded music because of the equipments used for recording? That's why it's always 'high' to watch concerts & real live performances than watching them on TV!

You HAVE TO come and watch this, LIVE to feel the vibes!

Details of Mint Showcase II

Dates:                   12th (Saturday) SOLD OUT!  and 13th (Sunday) of January 2013
Time:                    1pm to 4pm
Venue:                  All About Eve Bar
                              144 Arab Street #02-01, Singapore 199829
                              (Opposite Golden Landmark Hotel)
Ticket Price:      S$25.00 per ticket (for 1 day)

 Visit to register for your SUNDAY tickets by TONIGHT.

The Photoshoot

Months before the showcase and even before the poster could even be made, the band and I did a photoshoot with Metamorphosis Productions. Bryan, our photographer, insisted his name not to be mentioned & credited but I truly felt that I have to give credits to such a humble and dedicated person.

Our photos were collected in just 3 days and I'm extremely pleased with the photographs and most of all, his professional services!

We completed our photoshoot in less than 1.5hrs at the back alley and balcony of All About Eve Bar.
Very fast for a photoshoot I'd say!


The photographer, Bryan (right at the back) and the other band members.
Left to right: Won(on guitar), Yiyang (on Keyboard), Desmond (on bass)

Smile for the camera! *say cheese*

It's amazing how he can turn a construction site with white boards 7 holes on the wall into a beautiful background.


See what I mean.


So the band and I decide to use his photographs for all our media release!

Thank you so much Bryan!

Pampering myself with SHEA.

I need to smell nice, my skin needs to be in tip top condition for the upcoming Showcase.
I've been using products from SHEA for awhile now.

Don't they look like ice-cream tubs? :)
They have other products which look like cakes, candies & even agar-agar!

*Falling in love*


I'm so in love with their Pink Marmalade body scrub that it's sitting right in my bathroom so that I can use it twice a week to pamper myself! Everytime after I use it I will smell like passionfruit~



SHEA has a wide range of skin products from shower gels, to body lotions & other handmade skin products that are made of *selected natural  ingredients & they are vegetarian, meaning these products are not made from animals nor tested by them!

*Selected natural ingredients: shea butter, the finest essential oils, fresh goats milk and pure honey are used.









Oh man, I really wish the pictures come with the smell just so you'll know how fragrant they are. You know what, why not head down to the showcase this weekend, find SHEA's booth and sample their products yourself. They are displaying their products for you! 

Mint Showcase Media Preview

On 29 Dec, my band and I did a Media Preview for our media friends & family members. We sang a total of 6 songs & there was an opening ceremony for Mint Showcase II.


All the loves in the house!

We made some homemade snacks for our guests that day.

Aunt Angeline made butter cookies for everyone.

I made honey cornflakes!


Creamery butter made Bailey Chocolate Cupcakes and they taste so goooood!




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