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[Ocean Butterflies Music Forest] Singapore's Elite Music Programs For Your Music Career

Ever wonder how interesting a job can be?
Here are some of the most unique jobs(in my opinion) my friends around me are doing:
  • A taoist priest
  • A medium
  • A feng shui master
  • A DJ
  • A social worker
  • Toilet paper wholesaler
  • A talent-headhunter
  • A full time blogger
  • A toy seller
I personally feel that friends who hold positions in the music industry have gotten themselves really cool jobs too. Every position I learnt is an eye opener to me: musicians, songwriters, producers, film makers, sound engineers, sound operators, Audio Programmers, Music editor, Music Therapists, Audio designers... even a boom mic operator amazes me. He has this enormous black bag filled with all kinds of big & small microphones and knows exactly which mic to use for which scene, even to capture the slightest pin drop!

Just 5 years ago, I never knew these jobs even exist!

Have you ever thought of getting yourself a career in this music industry?
The best part is if you're selected, the Government is funding up to 90% of your course fees! 

Friends without musical background (like me) may still apply!
I have no musical instrument background at all. 
The only musical instrument I can play is perhaps the recorder back in Primary School. :p

WDA ocean butterflies music career program

Singapore's Elite Music Programs

Ocean Butterflies is rolling out a professional songwriting/composing course along with music arrangement, training you to be a professional in the music industry with their music career program with up to 90% subsidy from WDA!  

Programs commences in March 2013.

Part 1: Songwriting/Composing Program 
Encompasses fundermental and advanced songwriting techniques as well as production skill-sets required in creating demos for pitching in today's music industry.

Part 2: Music Arrangement Program
Arms students with the required skills to arrange any genre of music for a wide range users in Pop, Film & TV, Video Games and more.

Both 6-month programs provide the student with more than over 300 hours of instruction & preparation by some of the top talents in the country! Here's one more perk, if you're already a freelancer in this industry, you may even be paid $7.50/hour while you study!

How do I know so much?

The Course Preview
I was there at the course preview yesterday and even though I was only about 5 minutes late, I had to stand throughout the whole preview. Most of the seats were already taken up.

WDA Ocean butterflies music program

WDA Ocean Butterflies music program
Hua Zhang Laoshi giving a brief to interested participants who came for the course preview.

What to expect at the course preview:

  • Introduction of the Programs 
  • An idea of types of jobs you can apply for thereafter
  • Insights of the programs: the instructors & preview of their works, the program modules etc
  • The exact course fee & subsidy information. I was told that eligible students will be funded between 70% to 90%. No hidden cost don't worry!
  • The equipment you require for the programs
  • You may choose take up one of these TWO programs:

Music Arrangement
  • Q&A Session! The professionals are there to answer to all your questions!

Due to overwhelming responses, they are conducting one more course preview session.

It's a FREE session.
If you weren't able to attend the previous session because seats were full, you have to seize this chance.  If you're a confused sheep, all the more you should attend the preview before making any decisions!

WHEN: 5th Feb 2013 (Tuesday), 7:30 PM 
WHERE: OB Music Forest in SCAPE mall, Level 3

Sign up here
For the course preview: ob-music-career-programs-course-preview-event-2
For the online application: ob-music-career-programs-online-application
Interview sessions will be conducted for friends who've signed up for either program.

Tel: (+65) 6223 - 1311

Good Luck!

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  1. Musicians, songwriters, producers, film makers, sound engineers, sound operators, Audio Programmers, Music editor, Music Therapists, Audio designers etc there are a lots of
    careers in music industry. You can choose whatever you are interested in. I like the best thing in your blog is that a person without musical background can also apply. Thanks for provide such a nice information, That is really useful.