Friday, January 18, 2013

[Advertorial] N.E.mation! 7 Animation Clips Just Gets Better & More Creative!


Running for the seventh year, N.E.mation! is a digital animation
competition organized by Nexus for youths to creatively express
their thoughts on Total Defence.

Logo source:

During the December holidays, students would have given themselves a good rest, a vacation, watched TeeWee etc. My V-Singer Classmates and I underwent vocal lessons & they're hard work have paid off; Both my 15 year-old classmates are now the Top Elites of V Singer 2012-- performing for upcoming V Singer Elites Contest all the way till March 2013!

I know of another 10 teams of students who have worked through the December holidays to bring their stories to life by producing one-minute animation clips based on the theme, “Together We Overcome”.

Yes, they overcame all odds and now,

The Top 10 Animation Clips are ready for the world!

Every year, I'll view the N.E.mation! clips and be awed by how much their animation clips just get better & more realistic. I attended their stop-motion animation workshop before and it really wasn't an easy task at all though it was really fun; using Plasticine to tell a worm story with a deadline to meet:

Needless to say, the production area I visited then looked like a war zone: everyone rushing to beat the time but at the same time presenting their best works:

So let's all give credits to the Awesome-st Top 10 teams who overcame the challenges they faced and came so far. Against all odds, I present:

All These Ships_banner








Yarney Barney_banner


I personally think people grow up & mature really fast when we go through a competition.

All the laughter & tears you collected along the journey, the friendships, memories and experiences are for yours to keep; for life.

So to all N.E.mation!7 teams who have burned their Dec holidays for this meaningful contest:
Kudos to you and well done!

Not only that, the N.E.mation!7 Ambassadors have visited the production site &; shared with us plenty of insights and the production processes of the teams. Read behind-the-scenes:

Now, it's our turn to do something for these wonderful people.

Help VOTE for not 1, not 2 but 3 of your favourite teams today!
Not only that, stand to win something for yourself too!

Voting starts today, 18 January 2013.
Voting ends 7 February 2013.

Click on this link on your PC or mobile devices (yes, N.E.Mation! is now smartphone-friendly!)  to watch all 10 clips, vote for your favourite THREE clips and stand to win these attractive prizes:

Win Attractive Prizes

There are 4 different methods to vote:

  1. From your PC
  2. Via Facebook
  3. On your mobile phone
  4. via SMS to 76677
4 ways to vote

Tip-off: All types of voting are counted.
You can vote using all above mentioned FOUR methods but only ONCE on each platform.
In other words, you have up to 4 votes for the same clip but using 4 different methods!

More type of voting method = more chance to win something
(because you have done more good deeds yah?)

Meaning you will have a total of 4 chances to win the above prizes from iPad, X box 360 with Kinect, Canon Camera & more if you vote using all the 4 methods mentioned!

Oh oh before I forget, the SMS format should be done in this way:

Example: NE7 WEB C01 C02 C03 S1234567A BEN TAN WEI CHEN
  • Those below 21 years of age must seek parental consent to participate in the SMS Voting. 
  • Standard SMS rate applies.
  • Please note that each vote must be for three different N.E.mation! 7 clips.

Calling all Kind Souls to gather your resources, your friends & family members.
These awesome students need your kind support & recognition today.

Visit NOW and start voting!

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