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[OMY.SG Review] Domino's Pizza Double Value Deal & iPhone App

Domino's Pizza at Kovan

It's my first visit to Domino's Pizza at Kovan; a 5-minutes walk from Kovan MRT Station.

Located at a road junction, it's a place really easy to spot.


--Late Queen Alert --
Oh dear, the briefing has already begun!
I was 15 minutes late.

So many bloggers!
So many new faces!
It's been at least 1 year since I last been to an OMY.SG blog event and I feel so outdated.
*嘟嘴* is where I first started event-blogging and will continue to go for their events if the time doesn't clash with my work. (sadly it's always the case) . I love everyone there (including the other bloggers whom I've met over the years)


Domino's Pizza latest iPhone App

Domino's iPhone app

Download Domino's Pizza  latest iPhone app!

The new app is yet another platform to allow greater convenience for orders with Domino's Pizza, with NO extra cost. Domino's Pizza retains its no GST and zero delivery charges services.

I was greeted with "highlights of the day" upon entering the app site.
The first one,"double the value, double the pizzas" is what I'm going to introduce to you in awhile.

Domino's iPhone app

For your account, you may add up to 3 contact numbers & 5 different delivery addresses.
That makes your life even easier to order a pizza; you don't have to keep re-typing the address.
On top of that, YOU can order your Domino's pizzas up to 7 days in advance, HURRAY!

Here's an address checklist you can follow:
1. Home address
2. Office address
3. Mum's address
4. Hubby's office for a surprise lunch delivery!
5. Venue where you always hold your secret party.


Domino's iPhone app

Domino's iPhone app

This is for people who've never heard of Domino's 4 key unique selling prepositions to its customers:

1. 30 Minute Delivery Guarantee; 15-minute takeout guarantee
2.  Product satisfaction guarantee
3. FREE delivery
4. NETT pricing.

Do you know I've been into Domino's kitchen & witness how fast they make pizzas before?
I also tried Domino pizza making, heh-heh-heh.
Read here.

The GPS Pizza Tracker

They remembered to incorporate their famous pizza tracker (GPS tracker) into their iPhone app!

Domino's Pizza Singapore is the 1st international pizza company to introduce pizza delivery service & its famous pizza tracker for online ordring,, making it the first pizza company in Singapore to have a pizza tracker.

With this tracker, you can view the real time status of your food orders from the process of baking to delivery and keep yourself mentally prepared for the delivery man. *Remember to leash your dog before it starts running after the poor pizza guy*

The GPS tracker is also available for viewing online.
Different phones can be used to track the same order as long you have the registered number (the contact number you used to order your pizza).

Domino's iPhone app

If all fails, get HELP!

Domino's iPhone app

***App downloads are only applicable for iPhones only***
For now.

Double Value Deal with Domino's

Pretty straightforward information from my screenshots:

Domino's iPhone app

Domino's iPhone app

The new Double Value Deal is valid for these pizzas:

  1. Classic Pepperoni -- now you get 50% more pepperoni!!!
  2. Hawaiian Paradise -- 50% more smoked chicken!!!
  3. Simply Cheese (Vegetarian) -- 50% more cheese!!!

Opt for 2 regular sized pizzas for S$22 (saved S$27.60) 
2 large sized pizzas for only S$36 (saved S$29.60)

Save are to 55% from the standard price!

I gawked at the toppings. 



Time to FEAST!



My conclusion for today's pizza tasting:

There are MORE FREE GIFTS???!!!

FREE chocolate lava cake & sides!

domino's iphone app

domino's iphone app

Ohhhhhh the Lava cake.

Major food porn!
I finished mine in 2 minutes.


Chocolate Lava cake:

Caramel Cake:

*Terms apply for Double value Deals

  • Not valid with any promotions and discounts
  • Extra toppings is not exhangeable for other toppings or cash
  • Surcharge applies for Chesse Burst Crust Pizza, 1st class pizza & cheese sauce upgrade

Double Value Deal Promotion is available from:
25 JAN - 03 MAR 2013

Someone at the event asked me this question which goes something like, "Why do you want to do blog events?"

I answered without evening thinking, "Friends."
Yingzi sweet sweet gave the same answer.

Our new friend was so curious why we said that.
Yingzi and I met through blogging.
We've been good friends ever since.

Yingzi and I

I only have Alvin & ALL his colleagues to thank for tying up so many friendship bonds over the years. It's at blog events that I get to meet more like-minded friends; friends who can camwhore together for hours & hours without pissing anyone else off at parties, common topics, fun-loving, daring to try new things, always have the whackiest ideas (my wedding gate-crushing games are waiting for you all!)

Alvin blogs at

I think bloggers friends I've met are more giving.
They have the kindest hearts & are the most supportive group of friends I've ever met.

Friends come & go.
Primary schoolmates, secondary schoolmates, Poly mates, colleagues...

My BFFs(blogger friends forever) are the ones who REALLY & genuinely stood by me while I continue to chase my dreams. It's been 3 years now. Whenever I needed help, they are always the first to rush up and offer their helping hands. When I did my music showcase, they came forward & offered to take photos, videos, write reviews, do interviews & help retweet my tweets and more to spread the word--- unconditionally.

When I was down, they'll send encouraging messages to push me on.
When I was bullied, they came together & rescued me from bullies.
When I succeeded in something, they are always the first to congratulate me before anyone else.
When I'm sick, they will buy herbal candies for me & send me get well wishes without fail.
They'll buy me beautiful & loving gifts on special occasions & willingly share their personal invitations with me --- UNCONDITIONALLY.

This kind of friends, WHERE TO FIND?!

I'm thankful I found these gems which i'm going to keep for life.
No matter how seldom we meet up, I know that they are always there in my life.

Now only that, we get to meet NEW friends too!
The pretty darling on my right is Vikki.
She's got nice photoshoot pictures of herself & wonderful music to share with all of you on her blog. :)

Group Photo

I wish I have more time to mingle with everyone else & get to know each of them.

And boy was I glad to meet Celine again but of all places, a pizza joint. Hmmm...
It was so unexpected but I enjoyed her company all the same. Still as funny as ever.
She's there, standing next to 'WOW' bubble on the right. There, at the back!

Spot Celine~

PS: CELINE dear, please send me the photo we took together so that I can update here! :)

UPDATED as of 6 Feb 2012,
Photo with Celine, yay!

Photo Credits: Jowey Kong

For more information, please log onto
or call 6222-6333 to place your orders.

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