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Singapore Blog Awards 2013 - Surprise For Me and MinuteManSG!

This is an EXTREMELY backdated post!
This event happened way back on 06 July 2013 but I didn't have time to blog about it until now.

The Singapore Blog Awards has always been an event I look forward to participate each year. Meeting friends (both old and new), to be in a place where like-minded people gathered together, to be chatting and laughing with friends you know are passionate and fun-loving.

Singapore Blog awards 2013

1PM: Off to Shanghai Dolly, here we go!

Singapore blog awards 2013

Caught the early birds - caught me in the glass reflection yet?
I'm one of them. :p

Singapore blog awards 2013

The theme is 60s and here are my shoes of the day.
$9.90 from the neighbourhood market.

Singapore blog awards 2013

The organisers planned a game of hopscotch for us before we head into the main area.

Singapore blog awards 2013

Singapore blog awards 2013

There were plenty of cheering, eating, chatting, greetings going on throughout the 3 hours of event.
Most of the segment was to announce and give out the prizes to each of the blog categories.

A lot of friends who are not in the blogging scene asked, "Don't all bloggers blog the same thing?"

Of course not, our blogs can be divided into many different categories!

Most of us focus on ONE core category and we take up a few others for a good mix.
The titles of the categories change slightly every year - the organisers added Music, Cooking and eco-challenge blog categories this year; a total of 10 main + 7 sub blog categories.

Read about them under 'Categories' HERE.

I'll do a quick jump into the best dressed segment.
To me, this has always been the highlight of the event!

Oh by the way, Singapore Blog Awards 2011 was held at Shanghai Dolly too.
I won the best dressed segment then.
And Steven Lim was EPIC, kicking the beer bottle out of Yongwei's hands on stage.

Catch out my Liang PoPo outfit HERE.

Singapore blog awards 2013

This is MyDreamGuy's FIRST ever blog awards~
To fit the 60s theme, minutemanSG has decided to dress up as a 60s Street Hawker selling Char Kway Teow!

This time, it was his turn to be nominated for the Best Dress!

Singapore blog awards 2013

The sunshine towel.

Singapore blog awards 2013

He made it to Top 2 by bribing the judges with packets of his Char Kway Teow (They are actually sunshine towels wrapped in brown Dabao wrappers).

In the end, the blogger in the 60s Mata Uniform won the best dress, Congratulations!

06 July 2013 happened to be his birthday so we decided to give him a Surprise Birthday Party.
Happy Burstday, Colin Chang!

Singapore blog awards 2013

That's the first surprise - his birthday surprise.
The next surprise is for me - The JBL Best Pop/Music Blog Award!

singapore blog awards best music blog

OMYSBA2013 Best Music Blog Award Certificate

This award means the world to me.

I really wasn't expecting it because everyone was spreading around that the winners had already been notified the day before. Apparently I wasn't called up.

Here's something to William Tan from
Hey William Bro, thank you for bringing and showing me around when I first joined Singapore Blog Awards 3 years ago.  Without you, I'd never have known so many more like-minded friends as well as the happenings in the blogosphere. I would like to share this award with YOU. Can't believe we've known each other for more than 3 years now. Here's to our ever-lasting friendship, Cheers!

My first participation in Singapore Blog Awards 2010:

Let's meet everyone I met at SBA2013:

Singapore blog awards 2013
Left to right: Me, William, Maybeline

My darling Maybeline made the loudest screams and cheers that day!

Singapore blog awards 2013

Everyone, meet Hong Peng from Hpility.SG.
He was the FIRST blogger friend I met at Singapore Blog Awards 3 years ago, together with Goh Yong Wei.

Singapore blog awards 2013

One of the younger bloggers, Yuhao.

Singapore blog awards 2013

Singapore blog awards 2013
Meet popular beauty blogger Joyce and lifestyle blogger Andy from Andystorm.

Singapore blog awards 2013

Sweetie Pie Yingzi with her beautiful vintage outlook.
I'm so blessed to know her.
Thank you for always caring, Love.
Singapore blog awards 2013

My Brother Ang, suave as usual with his killer-dimple smile.
Here's Darren Ang!

FYI, he is the awesomest designer of my blog banner!!!
Singapore blog awards 2013

Arts and Tech blogger, Hisham!
Singapore blog awards 2013

Cutest ever Joey Ong!
She's running a high fever that day, poor girl.

And yes, you can see her mega poster all over Cineleisure because she is the winner of Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation!

Singapore blog awards 2013

Valentine Low.
Her birthday falls on valentine's day.
Singapore blog awards 2013

The ever bubbly Tselyn who's one of the Best Music Blog Finalists.
Singapore blog awards 2013

My agogo style Sis Leong who's also a lifestyle-cum-sex blogger.
Meet Smith Leong!
Singapore blog awards 2013

Cookie Huijin who's also one of the Best Music Blog Finalists!
Singapore blog awards 2013

Met Deborah, a fashion and music blogger.
I voted for her in the Best Music Blog Segment because she can really write wonderful music!
Singapore blog awards 2013

Noelle Mikazuki, who has a great voice and she's a great friend to offer a hand when I did my Showcase earlier in Jan this year. Must check out her emcee/host/singing performances at Pika Pika Meido Cafe.

Singapore blog awards 2013

Say Hi to JuJu and Darren Ng.
Two very unique bloggers with hearts of gold.

Juliana is a food and fashion blogger while Darren Ng is a lifestyle-travel blogger.
He has won awards for this blog too, including best photography and best lifestyle blog award.

Both my blogging seniors are totally awesome!
Singapore blog awards 2013

I fell in love with JuJu's Daisy necklace that day.
Singapore blog awards 2013

Photography blogger Sze Ping
another senior blogger of mine who has been upgraded to the blog judging panel.

His photos are always inspiring to look at.

Singapore blog awards 2013

My Penpal Joanne-Marie Sim.
She's also the Singtel Youtube Star - Model, Emcee, Actress.
Gorgeous + Cool + Sexy + Fun-loving all packed into one petite body.

Singapore blog awards 2013

Let's see how I missed out here from the group photo.

Oh yes, back row first guy on the left, Jeremy (Jalormee).
We met at the Singapore Social Media Day Event.

4th person to the left on the same row, that's Claire who won the Levi's Best 501 Interpretation Blog Award.

The person on my left, Malcolm Sunny,
also the big bear in the NDP Parody we did 2 years back!
The world is so small right!

Singapore blog awards 2013

So awesome to catch up with everyone once again.
See you in Singapore Blog Awards 2014!

Oh yah, I really wondered how the 60s people survived blisters and cuts from their footwear.
I had to wear Minuteman's hawker slippers and walk down Orchard Road after that.

Morale of the story: Don't get plastic pumps.

Singapore blog awards 2013

Happy Monday!!!

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