Friday, September 13, 2013

I want to be a millionaire because of iProperty

Image taken from Google Search

Who doesn't?

Sounds too good to be true, answer 15 questions correctly and ONE Million dollars is yours!

On my flight to Taiwan 3 years ago, they had "Who wants to be a millionaire" game option onboard and for the whole night I was playing, the longest time I've spent playing a game in a night, trying to win that 'million dollars'.

Never got past the 1000- dollar question.

I didn't even know people bother to even do up Who Wants to Be A Millionaire content analysis for this game show until today:



I will immediately fulfil as many of the items listed in my wish list under the 'GOALS' tab.
Visit the tabs above if you haven't!

For the lazy bugs, here's my wish list 2012 (even though it's 2013):

Wish List 2012

Stitch travel luggage
Victoria Secret Leopard Print Luggage (thanks Babyboy!)
At least 5 paid hosting gigs/month
At least 5 paid singing gigs/month
Win a singing contest
Braces/Invisalign & teeth whitening
Ring Light
My perfect wallet (Thanks Babyboy!)
Gucci tote and sling bag  
Permanent Hair Removal Services(underarms, upper lips, legs)
Mint Leong Personal Song Album
Fulfil my 'I Wanna go!' Travelogue.
My own apartment
iPhone 4 (Thanks Jackie Goh)
Car License
Bubble's health
Image transformation (Thanks Jill Lowe international & Silver Ang!)
World peace and unity(in the music industry too)
Everlasting friendships!!

I've been asking myself this other question for the longest time...
What kind of apartment would I like to have in future?

I'd love to own my own apartment someday.

I love mother nature.
I love french windows.
I'd love to stay somewhere peaceful, serene, calm.
I'd love to stay by the beach; otherwise a big, beautiful swimming pool sounds equally perfect.
A villa-style apartment would be nice.

But that means I'd have to face mosquitoes and bugs issue.
I'd have a higher chance of being robbed in a deserted neighbourhood.
Weekends would be so noisy if my flat faces a swimming complex.

HOW LEI, like that?
I thought of living in a condo someday!

For 4 years, I stayed with my Aunt Irene for a few years at her place, a condominium located in Woodlands. I LOVE her place. The buildings look like tiny cottages with BBQ Pits, club rooms and the swimming pool is big!

Mint's Swimming Date!:
Celebrated my 25th Birthday at the clubhouse:

Conveniently, the gym is only a stone throw away, motivating me to visit at least thrice a week.
Now…. *OPS*

I'd walk my hamster (YES MY PET HAMSTER) with a leash at the lawn downstairs.
It's so convenient!

And you know what?
I am not the only person who thinks this way!

Based on the Asia’s Biggest Property Sentiment Report by, it reveals that new launches remain the first choice of buyers, topping existing properties 68% to 22%. And most buyers are looking not for a place to live, but for a long-term investment: 51%, up from the previous survey’s 30%. 46% are interested in rental income, and only 40% to own a home. Condos remain a hot option, with 68% interested in private condominiums, 35% in HDB flats and 16% in terrace houses.

The Asia’s Biggest Property Sentiment Report by is a one-of-a-kind survey that enables interested parties to gain better perspectives of the property market, current consumer sentiments and how it will affect future property decisions.

So where do you go and check out some of Singapore’s top condominium? 

Only at because they are Asia's No. 1 network of property websites.

I spent hours today ogling at the condominiums in Singapore on iProperty website today to past time at the hospital. This is one of my favourite condos:

Go browse and see which one you like.

Go surf no need money la, window shopping ok what.

Download Property Sentiment Report here.

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