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[Mint.Music.Journey] Shubacs + 木头人 - I Was Stalked!!!

Yes I was stalked at NUS that day…. ….

Mu Tou Ren Zhui Zong Ji

By the cutest stalker ever in a Music Video. :p

Mu Tou Ren (木头人) is a band formed by 3 of my WDA Classmates and we collaborated to film a Music Video for their Original Song, Mu Tou Ren Gen Zong Ji(木头人跟踪记).

As the title of the song suggested, it's about a girl (yours truly) being followed by a geeky guy aka woodblock.

Behind The Scenes: 木头人跟踪记 Music Video

Mu tou Ren zhui zong Jo
Left to right: Me, Lan HuiShan, Zhi Hao, Daniel Ong

Mu Tou Ren Zhui Zong Ji came in SECOND in the Impresario 2013 Original Composition Category in March this year.

Impresario is an annual Nationwide Talent Search competition organised by CAC. It's founded in 1992. You can take part in categories including Dance, Original composition, Vocal and Vocal group.
Impresario has always been a highlight in NTU's calendar of events and has gained national recognition in its efforts to be one of the main channels of talent emergence in Singapore.

--- MV Filming In Progress ---

Mu tou Ren zhui zong Jo
The team trying to do the finger-walking segment.

Zhi Hao, the guy holding the macbook, is in charge of playing of the song in the background so that we are able to follow the lyrics and rhythm of the song.

Mu tou Ren zhui zong Jo
HuiShan's star-pose so that she can balance herself at the edge of a slope.
Dangerous Stuff A Videographer Does Just To Get The Best Shots.

Try to spot where I took this photo from when you watch the Music Video later:
Mu tou Ren zhui zong Jo

The team shifting all the brang-barangs from location to location.

Mu tou Ren zhui zong Jo

What can they NOT do?
So pro to be all-in-one: film directing, acting, singing, song composing, planning the MV…

Look at the credits -

Singers: Cheng Zhi Hao, Daniel Ong
Composer: Daniel Ong
Lyricist: Lan Huishan
Music Arrangement: Cheng Zhi Hao, Daniel Ong, Lan Huishan
Guitars: Cheng Zhi Hao, Daniel Ong
Mixing Engineer: Lan Huishan

Here's to the PROS and great team effort by Mu Tou Ren!

Mu tou Ren zhui zong Jo
Left to right: Daniel Ong, Lan Huishan, Zhi Hao

《木头人跟踪记》is an original song written by Daniel Ong (composer) and Lan Huishan (lyricist).

You'll definitely enjoy the Music Video.

Also, you'll be so tempted to share it with your friends because the male lead, who's also one of the singers of this song and the owner of Shubacs, is just too good.

Aspiring young man yet humble and friendly.
Meet Daniel~

木头人跟踪记 mini-MV is out, share share share!

Female Lead: Mint Leong
Male Lead: Daniel Ong (
Cool Guy: Cheng Zhi Hao
Skater Girl: Lan Huishan (

Here's a better description what Mu Tou Ren is about taken from their Youtube Video description:

The term《木头人》has two meanings:
1. The literal translation of 木头 is wood and 人 is a person. The term《木头人》refers to a geek who doesn't know how to express himself, pretty much lacking in social skills.

2. There is a childhood game called《一二三,木头人》. One person will back face the rest
and shout "一二三,木头人!", and then turn around. While the one person shouts that line, the others will creep towards him/her. But when he/she turns around, all of them will have to freeze on the spot, otherwise they will be out of the game. This game is similar to the scenario of what the boy is going through -- creeping up to the girl, but afraid of getting caught, which will result in his elimination from her list of potential suitors. The childhood game reflects his innocence, that he has no ill intentions.

The song is presented in a quirky manner to complement the silly yet cute thoughts of the geeky boy.

Mu Tou Ren Facebook Contest

Mu Tou Ren is holding a special contest for all our Facebook fans!

STAND a chance to win a pretty pretty shoe bag of YOUR choice, proudly sponsored by, PLUS a mystery gift and a digital copy of this single!

To participate, simply
1) Like their page @
2) Watch the MV and share the video on Facebook (**via MuTouRen FB page!!**)
3) VOTE for your favourite choice on what 木头人 should do by leaving a comment!

They will be choosing ONE lucky winner!
Deadline of the contest is Tuesday, 24th Sept, 2300h!

About Shubacs

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My Favourite ShuBacs?
It's the Havana Red!

Shubacs Havana Breeze
Screenshot from HERE.

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I'll update a photo with my new Havana Red here tonight!
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==== Updated on 26 Sept 2013 ====

My Shubac is here!


It comes with a dustcover & towel too~



Dear Team Mu Tou Ren,

I had so much fun making this video with the three of you! Reminds me of the all the good times I had when I was working backstage of film making. Videography remains one of my favourite interests and something I'd love to do over and over again. 

Let's do it again for your next song!

Thanks for reading everyone and remember to SHARE the Music Video VIA MU TOU REN Facebook Page to win a shubac okies!

Sharing its Youtube link is not counted. ;p

HAPPY MONDAY and please LIKE me too:

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