Thursday, September 5, 2013

[Advertorial] My Bath Time with Passion Goat Milk Body Wash

Say HELLO to my new addition of BODYWASH series to pamper myself!

The Passion Goat Milk Bath Series, with 5 new fragrances to choose from:
PassionSG Milk Bath

For centuries, people have been using Goat Milk in skincare as well as bath products.

I did some research online and found these benefits, summarised by 

Benefits of Goat's Milk On Skin

Skin Absorption
The molecular makeup of goat's milk makes it easily absorbed into the skin, which means your skin will more easily absorb the vitamins and minerals in the milk.

Lactic Acid
Lactic acid is known to help exfoliate the skin. In other words, it sloughs away dead skin, leaving the remaining skin more radiant.

Goat's milk also contains probiotics, which are living microorganisms that help protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet light.

Vitamins and Minerals
The skin needs certain vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. Goat's milk contains A, B1, B6, B12, C and E vitamins. It also contains minerals such as citric and amino acids, as well as zinc. These vitamins and minerals help slow down aging, help the skin rebuild, add elasticity and help retain skin moisture.

pH Reducer
The lower the pH of the skin, the more acidic the surface of the skin is. This allows the skin to fight bacteria.

Which means Goat's Milk leaves your skin smoother, moisturised, hydrated and cleaner!

The Passion Goat Milk Bath Series

When I first got all 5 bottles of the goat milk body wash, (1.5L each and I carried all 5 from Pasir Panjang, to SCAPE for class and finally back to the East), I wondered if they'd be in the same colour as their respective bottles. It's a little game I like to play with myself, always guessing the colour of the fluid in the bottle.

Your guess for them?

Eh, don't Cheat la!
Make a guess first before you scroll down for the answer.

By the way, each of these body wash contains Goat's Milk with a different combination of extract to pamper your skin in different ways - added benefits!

Plus, Each bottle has its distinctive scent too.

PassionSG Milk Bath

PassionSG Milk Bath

HoHoHo, for one this is another collagen enriched product.
Next, it contains anti-aging properties.

Best seller, you bet!

Scent: Baby Powder-like
Its Colour: WHITE

PassionSG Milk Bath

2: Goat's Milk Bath With Tsubaki Extracts

What's a Tsubaki?

I googled online and found, an anime character?!


HAHA, no.
Tsubaki is actually the japanese word for the Beautiful Camelia Flower.

Camelia is an excellent moisturiser which softens skin and diminish small wrinkles.

Image from:

Guess the colour of its bodywash?

PassionSG Milk Bath

It's White.
Scent: Mildly Floral

PassionSG Milk Bath

3: Goat Milk Bath With Reishi Extracts 

Reishi (bracket fungus/Lingzhi) is a strong antioxidant and is used in traditional Chinese medicine to help reduce skin inflammation, puffiness and wrinkles.

By now, you would've guessed the colour of this fluid right.

Scent: Fruity

I love the smell of this bottle best!

PassionSG Milk Bath

PassionSG Milk Bath

4: Goat's Milk Bath With Lavender Extracts

Need I say more?

You've been fed enough information over the years.
There was this craze about lavender-related products for the past decade.

Anything with lavender = sleep well, sooth the mind, beautiful, calming.

Scent: Lavender

PassionSG Milk Bath

PassionSG Milk Bath

5: Goat's Milk Bath with BROWN RICE NUTRIENTS

This is what I'm using currently and my favourite of all!
Brown rice is FULL of benefits.

I eat brown rice; it's heavy but in low calories
I drink brown rice tea.

In the past, sailors will boil and consume brown rice water to strengthen their immune systems so that they don't fall sick easily.  Brown rice is like superfood!

I LOVE Brown Rice.

Do you know that brown rice is known for treating SKIN DISORDERS and WEIGHT CONTROL too?

So yup, this is my favourite bottle of all.

Scent: Mild Sweet Floral

PassionSG Milk Bath

PassionSG Milk Bath


PassionSG Milk Bath

PassionSG Milk Bath

PassionSG Milk Bath

PassionSG Milk Bath

Wheeeeee~ Smelling so nice!!!

Passion goat milk shower

Came out of the bathroom with Bubble Leong smiling and chasing after me like a bee attracted to honey.

"Mummy Mint, you smell so nicceeeeee…"

PassionSG Milk Bath

Hug Me Hug me! I wanna smell you!!!

PassionSG Milk Bath

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Notice their bus advertisements yet?
Passion Goat Milk Bath

Passion Goat Milk Bath is available at NTUC/WATSONS/ SHENG SIONG/MUSTAFA
RSP: $6.90
Introduction offer: $5.90

Visit today.

So ready to meet the world!
Passion goat milk shower

Love your skin, Love Passion Goat's Milk Bath.

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