Sunday, September 8, 2013

[HKC Plaza] LJH Cellabel M.C. Vital CC Cream is a MIRACLE!


Guys and girls alike.
Especially if you are a PERFORMER.
GET THIS OR REGRET all your life.

How wonderful technology is.

Ladies and gentlemen, The LJH Cellabel M.C. Vital CC Cream from HKCplaza is STRONGLY recommended to you.

LJH Cellabel MC CC Cream

What do most people WORRY about when you think about getting foundation/BB Cream/CC cream/2-way cake/Makeup base for yourself?


*Pulls hair*

The colour tone of the product makes you worry so much.
Too dark, light, brown, yellow, white, pale?!

You need not worry anymore because the LJH Cellabel M.C. Vital Colour Change Cream is so convenient as there is only ONE colour to choose from.  No matter what skin type you are, the CC cream will change and blend into your skin tone as you apply the cream. MIRACLE!

Check out how the cream changes colour on my hand.
I tried it on MinuteMan too~

The effect is so natural, it's like I didn't apply anything at all!
A video speaks a million words so watch the 2 videos:


Not only that.
This cream is an All-in-one Cream.

It gives you natural coverage, Vitamin C essence, UV coverage of SPF 30 PA++ and brightens up your skin when you apply it. The cream also has anti-wrinkle elements to give you more skincare benefits even with make up on!

It's non-oily, I've tried that all day.
And trust me, it makes your complexion cleaner and brighter even after a longgggg day.

Check this picture, after more than 10 hours of apply the CC Cream:


And this, even after being more 6 hours in the sun for the Mediacorp Raceme Event:

LJH Cellabel MC CC Cream

Wanna see my NUDE FACE before i apply any primer, CC Cream and foundation?
Nah give you see all the red patches & uneven skin tone on my face:

Nails D'vine

So there.
Look how natural and smooth my complexion looks after applying the CC Cream.
Read more about the Cellabel M.C. Vital CC Cream HERE.

HKCplaza is having a special promotion in the month of September 2013.

Purchase the Cellabel M.C Vital CC Cream + Sunpact and receive 11 other products ABSOLUTELY FREE!

The sun pact is also my MUST-HAVE product.
It's my daily sun block powder with a gentle tea-scent that keeps me refresh all day!

Read about my sun-pact review HERE.

Click in this image to find out about the 2 + 11 promotion right now:
cc sun pdt img-500x500

In addition, Nails D'vine is also having some promotions going on at HKCplaza.
I went there for my derma tech face-slimming facial treatment 2 weeks ago and did an instavideo during my stay.  Wach the 15-sec video:


At least 2 cm smaller if you'd read my last review.
In case you haven't read about the PAINLESS facial treatment:

Nails D'vine

So comfortable I fell asleep and didn't take any photographs to show you all!

Nails D'vine

I also did my eyebrow trimming:

Nails D'vine

Nails D'vine

Nails D'vine

Nail D'vine promotions are available at
Go go, check that out too and pamper yourself!

This Bubble Leong keep bugging me to take photo with him so here it is:

LJH Cellabel MC CC Cream

Thanks for visiting and please come back again soon!!!

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