Thursday, January 12, 2012

Public Toilet Habits

I woke up since 9am, spent the entire day giving 3 groups of tuition. Then, I was at Jill Lowe International the entire evening and attended my 2nd lesson on an image improvement course. Through today's lesson, I got to know more about my body shape, a lot more about men and realise the lack of image confidence within myself.

The next thing I'm touching on is an extremely interesting(but gross) topic.

I've been telling Yongwei since last year about wanting to rant it on my blog. Photographs of some of the dirtiest female toilets were taken however, due to a possible violation of privacy, I shall not post them up. Moreover, it's definitely NOT a pretty sight to see.

I shall DESCRIBE them to you and I swear it's not over exaggeration. Before that, let's enjoy this 4-minute video which went viral on Facebook.

MEN, no wonder you come out of the washroom so quickly!

But what were you guys thinking, really. You have napkins, toilet paper and even water to clean your hands. Why in the world do you have use your  attire, to save the trees? The reason's fair enough, but rubbing them on your hair???


Alright, to be fair deep down inside, I know not ALL men possess such lousy habits. Some men do wash your hands properly, if not briefly.

In my opinion, the ladies' segment is a perfect combination of what I observe from ladies and myself in the washroom. I think that public female toilets are not as hygienic as men think they are. Women have bad toilet habits too!

The first thing I do after entering the washroom is to look at myself in the mirror and ensure that my outfit is straightened, especially the bottom-back area. Looking straight into the mirror and I'll realise ladies around me are also adjusting their attire. There are some toilets without any mirrors, especially those in fast food restaurants and coffee shops. *Major dislike* How would I know whether there's still food residue on my face or between my teeth?

I stopped sitting on toilet seats since 17 years old, after this tragic incident when I sat on pee without realizing and worried for weeks if I'll contract AIDS. I can almost feel that wet sensation against my buttocks again and turning green. As I open up a cubicle door, a spot of water on the floor in front of the toilet bowl makes me imagine how the previous user had her urine dripped on the floor unintentionally. I believe she did not sit on the toilet seat and when she leand too far out front, she lost her balance and her aim while urinating. This applies to me however, I'll make sure I wipe everything up with a clean tissue before flushing everything down. We need more public toilets to be equipped with desanitizers!

In recent years, there are more and more FOOTPRINTS found ON the toilet seats. In order words, women are squatting ON the toilet seats. Won't they lose their balance? Sometimes, I wish they would so that they'd step into the toilet bowl for being so inconsiderate. Nevertheless, footprints on toilet seats are not peculiar sights anymore. Signboards and posters have been put up to encourage females not to SQUAT on the seats but SIT on them.

Whatever it is, I will NEVER lean or touch the walls of the toilet cubicles. Who knows if anyone, when behind closed doors, will dig their nose and stick their mucus on the wall?

Here's another bad toilet habit which I can never comprehend: why are bloody sanitary pads not properly disposed of? Haven't school teachers taught us how to do so during our Primary 5 Girls-only Assembly?  Still, they are not wrapped up and dispose INTO the bins which are placed in every cubicle, but on top of these sanitary disposal bins, opened up wide as if to invite the mosquitoes & flying insects for a feast. Even if you've run out of sanitary bags, the sanitary wrap of your new changed pad can be used for your soiled pad. Worse come to worse, you can always use a piece of tissue paper after rolling up the pad so that the bottom of the pad doesn't stick at the top of the bin lid.

Perhaps not washing our hands like the guys sounds like the right thing to do because most women would fling their wet hands outside the basins, making the floor really wet and slippery. Sometimes, they even fling their hands at the person standing next to them. I've sound it out to some inconsiderate people a few times politely. Nonetheless, I feel lousy being 'fling' at.

Why is it that we only care for our OWN hygiene but not for other female users? Why can't we all help to make this world, including the female toilets, a cleaner and better place?

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