Thursday, January 12, 2012

I found nothing...

The times when I used to blog about my daily life, even if it's just blabbering nonsensical, everyday life, even if it's just lazing at home the entire day, even if it's just changing a toothbrush.

A year has passed.

The contents of my blog has changed so much. Now, as I browse through my archives trying to remind myself what I've done or felt on a particular day, I found nothing.

The initial reason of me creating a blog was to pen down every precious time I spent with my loved ones and myself daily, along with photos and videos to 're-live' the moment, especially on special occasions: a birthday, a gathering, a thought.

I found nothing.

Grammatical errors, spelling mistakes.
I can be THAT paranoid over the fact that I'm not language perfect.

However more importantly, I need L.I.F.E. Back here; My space, my world.

But I found nothing...

When I look back at this year's archives, I want to find something, my daily, meaningful life; the beautiful life which I lead so proudly of.

Yes. I am sure.

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