Sunday, January 15, 2012

Post-birthday dinner with my 2 darlings: Japanese Food Therapy!

One of the reasons why we ALL should have GIRLfriends: When it comes to food, shopping and skincare therapy, girls know best! They know the cosiest restaurants, unique retail boutiques, uncommon products, most afforable deals and more!

When Joel, Michelle and I decided to meet up after 3(or maybe even longer than that) years, you won't believe how excited I was! Both of them possess a sea of knowledge which they unselfishly share: vocabulary words, facts, stories etc.



Indulging in their company and engaging in their conversations, I spent a fulfilling evening catching up with my 2 darlings, laughing heartily. At the end of day, I headed back with new happy memories that made me smile all the way on my bus ride home!

Walk towards the road at the back of Paragon, you'll end up along Cairnhill road. A row of shophouses lies quietly on the left of the street and you'd never have guessed that there's a cosy Japanese restaurant, Eno-oka, which serves delicious food!


We had Shabu shabu and ramien for dinner!



In that pot of Shabu shabu, lies a very special type of food: Arrowroot Vermicelli Noodles


This healthy noodle is transparent in colour; it tastes gel-like and not starchy even though it contains about 23% starch. The kind of noodles we term as 'QQ'. In other countries, Arrowroot can be eaten in the form of biscuits, jellies, cakes, hot sauces while it is more popular to be eaten as noodles and veal broth in Korean and Vietnamese cuisine.

In its white powder form, the Arrowroot starch retains the transparency of clear liquids, thickens it, yet not changing the taste of the sauce(odorless).

Read more about the Arrowroot Noodles on wikipedia.
Found its nutritional values here.

Eno-Oka Japanese Restaurant

No.56 Cairnhill Road Singapore 229667 

Contact: 6887 5527


We are satisfied patrons!

After dinner, we took a stroll to Wheelock place and popped by Shaw towers to get Joel's favourite waffle ice-cream. Now, I'm also in love with this waffle ice-cream! Unlike other waffles in packed waffle ice-cream, the waffle remains soft yet crispy on the outside, not stretchy like rubber band when you sink your teeth in. Joel and I nom-ed up the entire packet!


Maintaining friendships is all about making effort to meet up, dropping a phonecall or message to say hi when you miss them, peeking into their facebook and find out what they're doing. Think about the times when you needed them and they were there for you without second thoughts, a listening ear, a supporting shoulder. Now even though all of you lead different lives, meeting up for a meal is not so difficult right?

Treasure your best friends, cherish what you have and appreciate how bless you are.


  1. heh, mind to share where to get the waffle ice cream.. Looks pretty nice :)

    1. I've just checked with Joel, she suggest you can find it at the Japanese supermarket Located at the basement of Shaw towers, Isetan. U'll find the ice cream at th ice cream department. :)