Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello 2012!

2012 came in peace; a relief jab to calm my anxiety.

My 2012 countdown was peaceful and in fact, it's the most blissful one I ever had so far. Standing by my side at the strike of 12 were none other than my mum, my soulmate Jackie Goh, my 'godnewphew' Alton, my friendliest tenants Cho and May, and the love of my life, Bubble Leong.

Nothing beats the pleasant sense of being at home with FAMILY whom you love so dearly. *wipe tears*

During my childhood, all I ever think about is spending time with my cousins and relatives. Cousins are usually your first friends hence it's natural for a kid to think about 'playing with friends on festive occasions.

From my teenage years onwards, New years were celebrated outside with either friends or your ex-boyfriends(which I feel is so utterly meaningless now. Why the hell did I even waste time with them in the 1st place when I should've been spending time with people who really loves me?) That was the 'rebellious' period which lasted longer than I thought I would be.

Then as I got older, I began to realize the significance of my family, especially my mum, who has sacrificed all her youth for the family. For the last few years, she was out of town with her peers, and I hadn't a chance to be physically there to wish her a Happy New Year.

I did it, today.

This is one of my greatest new year resolutions accomplished!

2011 was a year of making major life-decisions and hopefully, I can gradually step into the media industry; mild steps which is making vast difference to my life.

Decisions like these usually come along with serious financial unstability, uncertain time schedule and plenty of unrequired misunderstandings.

For those who've supported my decisions thus far, I am really thankful for this blessing, surrounded by such passionate and understanding loved ones.

There are so many friends I missed hanging out with, so many plannings to do, so much work yet to be done, so much improvements to make but there's only a pinch of time.

Most of my 2011 new year resolutions are left undone due to the massive changes in my life. In a wink of an eye, the year has ended and a new one has begun.

This time round, in order NOT to sidetrack again, I've placed my 2012 new year resolutions on my sidebar, to remind myself to stay focus and concentrated throughout this year.


Mint, Go Go Go!

I'm ending this post with a picture of BubbleLeong and Jackie Goh. :)

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