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Elizabeth Arden Slumber Party, essential youthful facts for BOTH Men and Women

This is my first ever slumber party.

I was amazed at how much effort phdnetwork had put in to decorate the hotel room for the guests who attended this party.

The Elizabeth Arden Slumber Party was held at Naumi Hotel, a small luxury hotel along Seah Street.




FYI, Seah Street is NOT in Chinatown.
It is located in between the National Library & Shaw Towers.

Naumi Hotel is situated next to Soup Restaurant. I got to know that this hotel provides value-for-money room rates. Also, online reviews are positive and pleasant. I'm giving it a thumbs up too!


I saw Nadnut at the hotel lobby but thought I might have recognised the wrong person... Argh, I was right.



Here I am, standing outside Room 904. I can't wait to see what's installed for me! My heart was pounding like mad as I press the doorbell.

Ding Dong~


Greeted by a cosy hotel room with lots and lots of adorable, girly decorations, it was a hotel room filled with colours, stuff toys, food(anti-oxidants, mind you) and of course, GIRLS!

Here's a peek at us, taking a photo of our reflections against the coffee table made of glass:

Front from the left: Fidelis, Jessica Nadia
Back from the left: Serene, Me, Sara

I'm giving you peeks of our hotel room.
Here goes nothing!

This is the 'living room' where we caught the movie Knight And Day starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz! It was then that we realize our slumber party lacks sexy men doing strip dances stereo speakers.


The bedroom was decorated with colourful characters from Sesame Street. I have the FULL collection of which is still tucked away somewhere deep in the storeroom.


*Cookie Monster Alert*

As mentioned earlier, anti-oxidant food like Avocados, salad, strawberries & blueberries salad, dark chocolates & a variety of juices were meticulously prepared by Jessica and her colleagues from phdnetwork, at the mini dining area. Each darling has a set of cutlery of the same colour to herself! This is so sweet!

I chose the orange set.







Here's the bathroom, spacious with a bathtub.
What you see is what you get.



The decorations at the TV console area.


Take a closer look at the dress of this barbie doll:



This dress cost a freaking $150!

She belongs to a guy who possesses a guiness world record for his barbie doll collection. While the barbie doll was dressed to the nines, with gloves & all, I was in my sleepwear-- Dresscode of the day.

Peppermint Tee was a gift from Meibao. Thank you!

More cute little things to share.


I was asking for permission to drink from this mini teacup instead.



This chair looks tasty though it's really inedible:

The goodie bags and bears are for each of us to keep. Yay! The bears reminds me of Bubble Leong, my dog.





While the girls were sharing adorable photographs of their pet cats & dogs on their phones, I was indulging myself, cuddled in the fluffy bed, enjoying their conversations.



Of course, what are slumber parties without photographs? We took loads of them!



That's the end of the guided room tour.

No matter who you are(girl or guy), pay attention to this: This is about LOOKING YOUTHFUL.

And it means you have to start maintaining at a young age, as early as 21. No kidding. Waiting for your fine lines & wrinkles to appear before you begin your skincare is going to be a little too late.

This slumber party is an unforgettable opportunity to get to know more about Elizabeth Arden's products.

In 1990, Elizabeth Arden researchers seek to find the essential 'youth factors' that promote younger looking skin. They made an important discovery.

The natural production of Ceramides, collagen, elastin and essential calcium all contribute to the skin's healthy look. Your age & other environmental aggression however, will affect your healthy look.


The collagen ,one of the 'in' products uses against aging, aids in bringing firmness and elasticity to one's skin. Ceramides, which comprises 50% of essential lipids found in the skin's barrier layer however, are critical as well because they are the ones which help maintain the skin's first line of defense against aging signs. With the loss of ceramides, the skin's barrier layer can lead to a loss of moisture, roughness. That's where your wrinkles & fine lines appear, at the same time allowing irritants to get into the skin.

Loss of ceramides in your skin = Loss of moisure + Increase roughness.  Collagen & Ceramides works hand-in-hand to give you that baby skin you yearn for.

So, Elizabeth Arden develop bio-engineered, skin identical Ceramides, and create pure, potent single dose capsules to deliver these precious and protective elements to the skin.

Without further or do, I hereby present Elizabeth Arden's iconic product, the Ceramide Gold Capsules:


No preservatives and emulsifiers included.

They used to be PINK in colour. Although the colour of the capsules have changed, the formula of these ceramides remains.

Ladies & Gentlemen, up to this point, I need some honest confessions here. For those who have seen these for sale in stores, and took some from the tester box to try, the correct way to use this product is to:

#1 Twist the tab open.



#2 Pour the content on your palm.


#3 SMOOTH the ceramide content in the capsule over your face and neck instead of consuming them like pills. Avoid applying them too close to your eyes.

Most people EAT and SWALLOW them.
Smart. >=.="<

But well, if you happen to be one of them, fret not. The rubber linings happen to be made of vegetable materials. Hence, they are absolutely safe for consumption. That's 'phew' to you.

Apply a really thin layer on your face(avoid your eyes) and spread the rest on your neck. If you want, you may use them on your elbows & knees too. Oh yes, remember to give the applied areas a gentle massage.

Apart from the gold capsules, Elizabeth Arden's Ceramide Plump Perfect series ranges from day & night cream, to concentrated ceramide liner for more effective fine lines reduction, to toner, to lip cream, eye cream etc.


here's a picture of  how the ceramide capsules for the eyes. The capsules are slightly smaller, contain in glittery rubber linings:




The capsules are air-tight & sealed for effectiveness.



Essential facts for BOTH MEN AND WOMEN,  if you want to stay and look young without plastic surgery. Come on, good & healthy looking skin requires maintenance, works just like maintaining a house. These facts are in point forms for easy reading-digestion.

Benefits of Ceramides

  • Visibly improves skin tone and clarity.
  • Smoother, softer looking skin.
  • Supports natural collagen levels to give skin a firmer, more resilient look.
  • Works to minimise the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.
  • Helps strengthen skin's natural protective moisture barrier.
  • Convenient, pre-measured single dose capsules, sealed for purity and potency.
  • Free of fragrance, preservative & emulsifier.
  • Clinically & dermatologist tested.
  • Can be applied day & night.
  • CLX Complex: Skin identical lipids. Helps strengthen and restore skin's natural moisture barrier. Retexturize, exfoliate and smooth skin.
  • Linolinic Acid: Essential fatty acids works with Ceramides to help maintain the integrity of skin's lipid barrier for healthy looking skin
  • Phytosphingosines (how do you pronounce this?!): Ceramide precursor encourages skin to maintain optimal ceramide levels for a smoother, firmer look.
  • Borage Seed Extract: Powerful skin soother
  • Vitamin E: Provides protection against environmental stress 

Price per box
S$130.00 for 60 capsules, 95fl. oz, 28ml

Metro Paragon
290 Orchard Road, LEVEL 2, Metro department store S238859
Tel: 6737 1492


Stay young & looking youthful, everyone!

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