Thursday, October 2, 2014

My Magical Wedding Proposal At Hong Kong Disneyland!

Thank you for all your beautiful well-wishes and blessings!

*Inhale Deeply*

I was officially engaged with MinutemanSG 
Hong Kong Disneyland!

This man, Colin Chang, always giving me the best and most special treatments.
Other guys would say 'Spoil Market' but I'd say he 'Spoilt Me'.

Dear OneFirst, 
thank you for planning this Hong Kong Trip, bought me my favourite rainbow roses and saving up for this proposal ring.  

I've always wanted to go to Disneyland.
I've always loved fairytales.
I even blogged about my love for them in '09.
Having you proposed to me at Disneyland was most romantic. ever.

Let's enjoy the song titled Beauty and The Beast as you read.
Beauty and The Beast is my favourite classic.
I love how compassionate Belle is, how she loves reading and how she's even willing to give up her life for her dad.

Click on this video:

It is indeed a dream come true for me and needless to say,
Colin's proposal has made Disneyland a even more magical place to be.
I wish to visit more Disneylands all over the world!

From The Top 

To begin, we spent the day playing in Hong Kong Disneyland, enjoying the rides, displays and yummy food.

Actually, I kinda already knew that he was going to propose to me because I chanced upon the subject of his email enquiry to Disneyland a month back. However, I chose not to read the contents. Also, the night before we left for Hong Kong, I found the ring box in his closet right in front of him! But to make sure I didn't spoil the entire surprise, I did not dig further into the mails and promise not to open the box to see what's inside.

I'm too vigilant for secrets, what to do. ;p

By 7PM I thought he wasn't going to go ahead with the proposal anymore because I found out the secret.  Then at about 7.15PM, he got the staff to sneak up a bouquet of rainbow roses from behind my back and proposed to me at the Main Train Station along U.S.A. Street.


image from:

That's not all.
My biggest surprise yet, was when bff and her younger sister, Hui Xian, appeared from nowhere to witness this magical moment!

After that we caught the 7.30PM fireworks together, followed by dinner, to celebrate Colin's successful proposal. This girl,Silver Ang, what would I do without her.

Thank you, Zir and Hui Xian, for flying specially all the way to Hong Kong just for this. 
*Flying kisses for both of you*

You know, I'm very happy and thankful to be receiving so many blessings and love from family and friends but some of their comments and messages really left me utterly speechless. not trying to be rude or unappreciative here but I just wonder if anyone also got asked the same questions when they got engaged?

1. Are you pregnant?

2. So when's your wedding going to be?
Colin only proposed to me and this is the FIRST PHASE. 
we haven't planned anything else yet because everything else is supposed to come after this.

3. I can't wait to carry your baby soon!
Refer to Point 1. 

4. How much is your ring? Where did you buy it?
Urm? -.-

5. Congratulations but why you never buy your ring from me?
ehhhh, because boyfriend was the one who got it for me?

6. Swee lor, your wedding never invite me!
I could just cry.

7. How much you hold your wedding at Disneyland, sure very expensive right?
Am I supposed to know how much Colin has spent?
Besides, this is just a proposal.

Playtime At Hong Kong Disneyland

I am a die hard Stitch fan!

Image taken from Google Search

I like Stitch because of the bonded value that's being conveyed through its movie. The tagline
 "Ohana means Family. And family means no one is left behind" left a deep impression in my heart.

Stitch is a rejected specimen from outer-space, but even this supposedly 'bad thing' learns and is committed to hold such a strong value within. When Lilo was taken away, he risked his life to save her. This gesture has greatly inspired me, even to this day.

It's not just because Stitch is adorable...

So when I knew I was on my way to find Stitch, I intentionally wore Taiwan Scrump socks to Disneyland.
I must play with Stitch and swipe all Stitch merchandise!
No Stitch because the design looked like imitation. 

And I did lol.

We took the MTR from Tsim Sha Tsui to Sunny Bay Station and boarded the special Disney train.
Telling you about this right now makes me want to go again!

Onward to HK Disneyland~

The couches are so comfortable and look at those Mickey-shaped handgrips!

Sidenote:  If you're wondering where I did my hair, nails and eyelashes extension:

Eyelashes: Milly's at Far East Plaza


Spot the tears in my eyes.
Tears of joy.

I'm in Disneyland!!!

All the pictures above were taken with my mouth opened because I was screaming 'yayyyy' all the time for at least 10 minutes! Minuteman must've been so embarrassed he tried to paste stickers on his eyes so no one could recognize him.

Try this: Panorama Photo with 4 different poses.

Minuteman did his at the Main. U.S.A. Street.

1. You need a very BIG SPACE.
2. You need to run very fast!
3. Your cameraman needs to take the panoramic image super slowly.
4. You need to be in a place where there are as little humans walking behind as possible.

1. Pose for the camera while your friend starts to take the panorama picture
2. Tell your friend to say 'ok' once you're out of frame.
3. Your friend has to continue to pan the camera but really really slowly. If the camera stops moving, so will the panorama function.
4. Start to Run. As fast as you can. Run towards your cameraman, AROUND and BEHIND that person to your next point with a different pose.
5. Repeat Step 2 to 4 a few more times

Here's mine:

We visited Adventureland and watched The Lion King.
It's his favourite Disney movie.

Then we climbed Tarzan's treehouse, 
followed by Bryani and Nasi Lemak for lunch.
The sambal sauce and papadum were one of the best I've eaten my while life; 
not too spicy and just right for my papadum.

I ordered another plate.

Hmmm... interesting spelling of 'Roti Prata'.

This is not poop please. 
It's mince mutton with cinnamon and spices!

It amazes me that all the rides at Disneyland are entertaining and fun to ride even for adults. 
Nothing was too childish, everything were engaging and even taking a carousel feels most romantic!
Although I almost puked with all that turning round and round.

With all the adults taking every other ride with me, 
I feel at ease being a child once more. 
I like that no one judges anyone else.

I had so much fun - too much!

Colin Chang on a race horse, Chiong ah!

For those who can read mandarin and knows how to sing Winnie's theme song, this is for you: 

Winnie The Pooh

Winnie the Pooh
He is such a Silly Old Bear

Learnt this from a classmate in primary school.

I found the statues of my favourite fairy tale characters, Beauty and The Beast!
They were placed in the middle of a royal-themed foodcourt.

Imagine with everyone eating at the tables around Beauty and The Beast and I hopped up to the statues, squealing like a child and taking 73658208 pictures of + with them.

Mint, seriously? 

Did I tell you I was on a Shopping spree~

Stitch and Buzz Lightyear is at Tomorrowland.


Ops I think I bought too much but most of them are for friends!
Except all the Stitch ones of course.

Eh, don't drive the Autopia with your eyes close la.

This is one of the best rides I've had. 
You get to aim and shoot target boards and earn points throughout theBuzz Lightyear ride.

It's A Small World boat ride.
I love the pastel colours and quirky designs in this section.

Even the thrash bin is in colours I like.
Can I buy one home prish!

The thrill rides I took at Toy Story Land drained all the energy out of me, especially the Car racer ride. I had no more courage left to take on the roller coaster ride at the Grizzly Gulch.
Sorry Boyfriend~

The green soldiers are real men dressed as mascots.
They really looked like toys when they are not moving.

The sky is turning dark and we ended back at U.S.A. Street for the fireworks.
He manage to get us a coke to share and he keeps disappearing.

I took a selfie when he was away to get the coke.

Then he brought me up to the Main train Station where all the magic began.
Zir took this photo for us.

Selfie with my loves!!!
I got to know later that Silver and Hui Xian was already at Disneyland since morning and they've been playing with the rides too. Both of them had to duck behind doors and displays to avoid being seen.

I'm sorry that you all didn't get to enjoy yourselves as much because you had to prepare this surprise for me. Let's go again together, shall we?

A closer look at my breathtaking rainbow roses with baby's breathe flowers.
THEY ARE REAL and Minuteman specially got them imported.

They are definitely going to be my wedding flowers!

Finally Japanese dinner with them before heading back to the hotel!

Double Happiness is when I met up with my primary schoolmate in Hong Kong that very night for a short while to pass him merchandise from Disneyland. They even bought me yummy macaroons!

Say hi to Jeff and his partner, Michelle.

I'm never a fan of macaroons but these Macaroons from Pierre Herme are GOOD.
Get some if you manage to see this brand.
I know I'm going to.

Triple Happiness is when we had brunch the very next day with the newly weds, Po and Ben!
The main reason why we were in Hong Kong was to attend their Hong Kong Wedding.

Glad to share the joy!

Back to Singapore
Back to reality.
Everything was so magical it felt like a dream. 

Homebound on board Jetstar in the evening with a new status as Colin's fiancee.
I'm another step older. 

But seems like this boy isn't affected by this engagement at all.
Still my favourite boy.

Loots from Hong Kong!

Here's Mushy-mushy stuff I wish to dedicate to myDreamGuy.
Awww come on, you know I'm the most fortunate girl in the world!
 My love at first sight actually proposed to me at a magical place with my favourite flowers that are so difficult to get and this extremely beautiful ding ding (diamond ring) ?

I pray that our love will sparkle brightly and be strong like the diamond I wear, always beautiful and happy like the rainbow roses you gave to me. The vibrant colours of the roses represent the colourful world we will continue to build with our own hands.

One First - The only one and always the first you'll be placed in my heart.
I want to grow old with you, hand in hand.
Thank you for everything you've done for me, Thank you for always being there and loving me back more and more each day, Colin Chang aka One First.

Cheers to our new beginning.
Love is in the air.
Let it grow.


  1. It's the right spelling but short form. Here's the explanation: A paratha/parantha/parauntha (Punjabi: پراٹھا ) is a flatbread that originated in the Indian Subcontinent. It is still quite prevalent throughout the area. Parantha is an amalgamation of the words parat and atta which literally means layers of cooked dough.[1] In Bengali it is known as porota (পরোটা) while in Burma, it is known as palata (ပလာတာ; pronounced: [pəlàtà]), and is known as farata in Mauritius and the Maldives. However, in areas of the Punjabi region, it is referred to as prontha or parontay

    1. I learn something new, thanks for sharing! :)