Tuesday, October 14, 2014

[Mint.Music.Event] Tay Kewei Launched Her Latest Mandarin CD Album titled Turn Back and smile (郑可为首张个人华语专辑- 转身微笑)

I recently posted a Facebook status to share how inspired I am being able to witness many of my friends becoming more successful and recognized for their hard work to pursue their dreams in life.

It's mind blowing and I'm even more driven by these dream chasers to work towards my own goals and succeed. Thank you for SHOWING me how believing and perseverance bring individuals closer to their dreams. 

One by one, slowly by surely moving towards growing their businesses, opening restaurants, creating successful apps, getting their dream jobs and here, I met another inspiring woman who's on her way to releasing her FIRST mandarin song album - Tay Kewei.

It's creating a big rave because it's true, how long has it been since a local singer-songwriter released a FULL Mandarin song album?

Remember how common it was in the 90s and early 2000, where local singers like JJ Lin, Steohenie Sun, Kit Chan, Tanya Chua and many more would release full CD albums of their own, hold concerts and even held autographs sessions in the heartlands.

Fans would queue for hours to get their CDs signed- their prize possession.

*must get her autograph later* 

I first got to know about Kewei when Nave introduced me to her YouTube videos singing cover songs with EinEin. The videos caught my interest. Not only could both of them sing really well, they could use different instruments and harmonise too! The videos were sincere and one of the better recorded ones produced by locals. 

I would listen to their covers all day!

>>>>>  fast forward >>>>> 

Tay Kewei has now finally realized her dream of releasing her first solo original mandarin album!
She will be promoting the album in Singapore (从'新'出发) before holding her solo concert in late October. Then moving in to Taiwan and Hong Kong to continue with her new album promotions. 



Hosted by Kun Hua from Yes933, the light-hearted Media Launch of Kewei's latest Mandarin Album was held at Nuvo. 


Witnessing Kewei performing her originals from the CD on stage at the launch, I can't help but shed tears of joy for her. From the song selection phase, image, designs to production and events, the preparations took 2 years to complete.

First of all, almost all of Kewei's original demos were rejected. As time passed along, more of her demos were continuously rejected. Troubled by the delay and difficulties, the production team even considered to change their plans to release an EP instead of a full length album. 

I particularly like this song titled Hopeless (无可救). Interestingly written with a mix of both english and mandarin lyrics, the melody is really unique and romantic on its own. It caught my full attention when Kewei was performing it LIVE! 

Catch the tune if you can, notice the subtle twists in the melody.

Here's the official lyrics video. 
The setting of this music video will be in Thailand where Kewei will be starring in it with a Thailand male idol. 

She's also invited Taiwan's budding star, Allen Chen, to act in her other of her music video, song title Heart Shaped Void (心型空洞).

The story is about a girl who is in an abusive relationship. 
Beaten, shouted at and being pushed to the floor. 

Allen was so dedicated to the extent that Kewei was too afraid to look at him!

For this album, S2S also roped in top-notch producers such as Goh Kheng Long, Martin Teng, Kenn C and Jonathan Koh, Singaporeans who have produced albums for superstars such as Stefanie Sun, Amei and Lee Hom. 

Hey, I saw Tat Tong's name too!
He is a song producer/arranger who's done many impressive works for reowned artistes including 
Kelly Poon with her latest song hit titled Lover and for Kewei's 2nd english album.

The other artistes and musicians including MIcapella, Bonnie and Chriz Tong were also present at the media launch to show their encouragement and support for the beautiful Kewei.

Once again, congratulations to releasing your first SOLO mandarin album, Kewei!

What's a media launch without group pictures?!

Love the down-to-earth and talented Chriz Tong who didn't mind posing for pictures with me and accompanied me for a stage picture with the grand backdrop because too many people were watching. :p


*Chants: MUST GET AUTOGRAPH from Tay Kewei*
And I did, wohooo!

Thank you for signing my CD for me!

Tay Kewei's debut full SOLO mandarin album titled Turn Back and Smile is now selling hot like pancakes on the shelves. I tuned in to Yes933 and the station is already playing her songs too. 



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