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[Mint.Music.Event] First #MigupSG at the headquarters of Migme

Just like you, I have absolutely no idea about Migme until I attended the first #MigupSG session at the Mig Headquarters 2 weeks back.

photo credit: Migme

Over 30 bloggers in Singapore attended this mingling session. We talked about Hot Korean chicks, balls squeezing and breast groping all evening over pizza!

Photo credit: Migme

Photo credit: Migme

I'm just kidding. 
*so cheesy*

On a side note, the sexy korean dance group Waveya is really on Migme and live chatting with their Migme fans HERE.

We got to know more about Migme, A LOT A LOT more about the vice president of Corporate development Gene Yu and got to mingle around with the new Singapore users of Migme.

I'd had thought that Gene is a fitness instructor at first glance. 

Little did we know that when he live such an outstanding life story, it sounded so much like a Hollywood blockbuster movie but it's all true and happening in real life! I felt my jaws dropped lower and lower with every story, picture and video he shared; Gene is incredible!

Photo credit: Migme

Gene Yu was from the US Army Special Forces. Raised in California, he was an Asian-American who joined West Point at 17. Unlike any other teens, he wanted to make a difference despite his tender age. It was an eye opener for me as he shared insights of his 12-year army life. 

I discover, after doing more research online, that this iron man is also a book author, owner of a martial arts apparel company and more. One of the most amazing and heroic incidents that he's done was to rescue a Taiwanese hostage by the name of Evelyn Chang in The Philippines in 2013!  

Gene Yu is on Migme -- @ScorpioJing

Photo credit: Migme

The mingling session officially began with Yongwei munching on slices of pizza that he was too shy to take from the pantry area.  #ComeItakeForYou 

It feels like I'm back to my old blogging days where I would meet/bump into Yongwei at blog events.  Welcome back after your ORD, brother.

Nice to meet you @Evilbeany !
EvilBeany is the eye-candy standing next to me in red.

Photo credit: Migme

The mingling session hits a new high when I realised I was surrounded by more talented local musicians! 

We're on Migme too so join us there.

Photo credit: Migme

Left to right: @vickiho - Victoria from Tricks And Cider
@MinutemanSG aka Colin Chang
@Marcelp - Marcel from The Glad Stones

Try - Pink (Tricks & Cider Live cover)

Crazy (Original Song) by Goh Yong Wei

The Yellow Room (Original song) By Marcel Lee Pereira

Migme is a social app/social entertainment platform where you can post/receive bite size updates and follow people whom you want to on this platform. Migme fans come from all over the world like Nepal, Indonesia, The Philippines, Saudi Arabic and more.

Fun fact: The Mig HQ is based in Singapore for 7 years now.
You don't know right!
Me too. 

Send/receive gifts, dress up your avatar and fill your wall with photos, videos, status and images you like to level up your profile. Once you're at, Level 10 you can start creating chat rooms and more! Keep up with your levels to 'unlock' more achievements.

You can link your posts up to your twitter and facebook accounts so you don't have to double post.

Allan Wu already has 1.4 million fans on Migme, madness!

I like the interesting finds on Migme like getting to know this 17-year-old beatboxer from Nepal.
The difference in culture, background but music is indeed universal...

Join us on Migme and here's my Migme profile:

LOVE these adorable #migmascots!
The brown mascot looked particularly like my Toy poodle, Bubble Leong.


Bubble can be the next Migme mascot for their events!

Eh Bubble Leong, what are you doing with my stickers?
Those are not cooling pads you know. 

Okies, See you on Migme!

Photo credit: Migme

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