Tuesday, June 3, 2014

[Mint.Music.Lifestyle] Jeopardising My Meal Times But Here's Trimton To The Rescue!

My schedule for the month of May and June 2014 is MADNESS.
I don't even recall what I've done, do and will do!

With just 2 - 3 hours of sleep per day, 
I literally feel like a walking zombie right now. 

5AM - 2AM lifestyle is no joke. 
Please allow me to repeat, 
5AM - 2AM lifestyle is no joke. 

How do some people do it?

Having said that, I'm going right back to my video editing once I publish this so pardon me for any grammatical mistakes made in this post.

With more upcoming trainings and workshops to conduct and concurrently trying to rush out so many datelines for roomiesTV, then there's gigs, shows, lesson plans, housework and misc, I've been sneaking in meals instead of eating them at proper timings.

Take note here that I'm an enormous eater.
ZirZir and I (Just 2 of us) once ordered a table FULL of Zi Cha dishes at D'Kranji Farm and wiped them all out - kangkong, cereal prawns, 2 plates of mantou, chilli crab, 2 bamboo clams, pork ribs and more.

= Major Irregular Meals Alert =
So irregular I gave these meals new terminologies: 

BRUNCHER = Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner at 8.45PM

SUPFAST (pronounced as 'sup - first') : Supper + Breakfast at 2AM 

The rest of my "proper dinners" were totally overeating due to special occasions:

Bf's mum Birthday dinner at Soup Restaurant

Korean Dinner with generous amount of side dishes:

PepperLunch for dinner.
Lunch for dinner? 
By the way this is considered little for me.

Anyways, not to forget lots and lots of snacks, titbits, candies and biscuits while working for some sugar rush action:

 Photo credit to: Jaime Chia

The ambience at Bishan Park was so good it increased my appetite:

So how is it that I still lost a kilo from 54KG with all these overeating and irregular meals?
(Although I very much wish I can lost down to a 48.)

When I received these 2 boxes in May, I was jumping for joy!

It's said have found a breakthrough way to overcome the number one constraint faced by diet pill producers - the mutual interference of ingredients for Detoxification, Blocking and Fat Burning, respectively. 

The key here is TIMING;
Timing of the digestion of the active ingredients contained.

Suggested Dosage
To be taken 30 minutes before each meal, 
2 for Breakfast and lunch, 
2 - 3 for dinner, 
maximum 8 capsules per day, 
and dosed with warm water.

Recommended quantity for best effects - 3 boxes.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to regulate my meals and go back to my regular jogging sessions at the park opposite where I'm staying. 

Hang in there Mint, 2 more weeks to go before your break!
Then I'll be back to working on that 48KG body~

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