Tuesday, June 10, 2014

[Mint.Music.Event] The Art Of Sound Presented By Razer & Razer Adaro Audio Series

Friends have been telling me about Charlie Lim and his music: soothing to the ears, beautiful, well-mixed and when I received this invitation from Razer and saw his name written big and bold on it, I literally screamed into MinutemanSG's ears.

I'm going to watch him live?!

The Art of Sound event was Razer’s premiere music bash that features a line-up of phenomenal local acts across music genres. Featuring Charlie Lim, this music extravaganza will also be supported by Gentle Bones, Gareth Fernandez, Stopgap and .gif. 

 The Art of Sound was held at Lowercase on the 30th of April, Wednesday from 7pm to late.

Thank you Razer for also extending the invitation to my roomiesTV team so that we could catch the live performances together. I really hope roomiesTv can have the honour to invite Charlie Lim onto our roomiesTV show. *thinking about this makes my heart beats faster and faster*

Left to right:  MinutemanSG, Me, Evan Liao, Fif Phan

It's a FULL HOUSE at Lowercase!
Filled with music-lovers listening and singing along to their favourite local originals. 

I was amazed by the performance of Joel from Gentle Bones that day.

Grabbed from Gentle Bones' facebook page:
"At a young age, Joel Tan a.k.a. Gentle Bones has already been making waves in the local music industry with his style of folk-pop music. His debut single, Until We Die, hit the #1 spot on the local iTunes charts a day after its release in December last year. 

Gentle Bones is at the forefront of the musical movement among the younger generation in Singapore. 

Having played for the Noise Festival in 2011, the Mosaic Music Festival in 2012, penned, recorded and performed a song for the 2015 SEA Games, Joel's future in music is looking extremely promising. Let his blend of acoustic, folk and pop enlighten your ears and show you what the new generation has to offer."

Local music talents constantly surprises me with their quality, lyrics, passion and the determination to keep growing. Kudos to Gentle Bones and all the local musicians!

On stage, you'll notice the performers using the brand new Razer Adaro Audio Series Headphones.

I decided to try them out myself!
Headphones on left:  Razer Adaro Stereo Headphones

I like the Adaro Stereo Headphones for its comfortable cushion padding and portability. 

It's time for Charlie Lim's LIVE performance!
The stage looks so comfortable with that grassy patch.

Super indulged in Charlie's performance and I can't wait to listen to more of his songs with the Razer Adaro headphones.

The event ended with super fangirls (I'm referring more to me) rushing to take pictures with the awesome Charlie Lim and Gentle Bones.


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