Friday, June 6, 2014

[Mint.Music.Lifestyle] Yamaha Celebrates Its Mid-Year Sale With discounts, FREE Performances & Attractive Perks!

Hurray, it's that time of the year!

Mid-Year Sale 

I cannot resist but head down to Yamaha's Tampines outlet right away!

Wait until I get my hands on the Digital Piano set that I wanted so badly.
*Rub hands*

I was greeted by the wide range of musical instruments including pianos, guitars, violins etc. to instrument aftercare products, musical accessories, guitar amps, headphones and many more!

At least an hour was spent browsing through the musical instruments alone.
So neat and organised.
And…. the instruments are on sale!

Flutes on Sale~

Violins On Sale.

Guitars on sale~

Was checking out some of the Yamaha in-house products.
My eyes caught sight of these red headphones in the glass cabinet.

Their drum sets are on sale too!
Plus, some of these sets come with Free Gifts like the drumstool and foot pedal.


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to my favourite section:
The Piano Section.

They. Are. Also. On. Sale.
*cartwheels around the shop 10x*

Seeing these black and white keys make my heart melts.
It's a pity I don't know how to play them.

You know I am taking up Keyboard lessons for 2 months now, no?
I wish I can play beautiful music soon~

It's just 'chunk chunk chunk' on the keys now, haha.

At Yamaha, also look out for the digital piano section.

This is the keyboard I've been eyeing on for the longest time and it's for sale too!!!

Model: P-105

 P-105 digital piano comes in both black and white. 
I super adore the WHITE one.
 It now comes with about 10% discount + Free Gifts!

To buy or not to buy. 
To buy or not buy…

This pair of headphones is one of the complimentary gifts, only to be given away for this mid-year sale.

To buy or not to buy?!

Not only that, I've been browsing Yamaha's online store where they are giving away FREE movie tickets!

Click to shop online NOW:


In conjunction with the mid-year sale, Yamaha has also arranged for special music performances for all of us, FREE! Check out these Yamaha Mid-year Sale events highlights which you certainly don't want to miss at various locations!

Go ahead and enjoy the music~

7 June
1:00PM - Lily of the Valley Concert, Courtyard @ Westgate
2:00PM - Yamaha Endorsees Concert, Courtyard @ Westgate

14 June
2:00PM - Music recording with Yamaha and Steinberg products, Yamaha Beatspot @ Plaza Singapura
3:00PM - Ootini! LIVE, Yamaha Beatspot @ Plaza Singapura

28 June
7:30PM - Electone Stagea 02 Launching Concert By Max Takano, Joyden Hall @ Bugis+, Level 7

29 June
2:00PM & 5:00PM - Electone Showcase by Max Takano, Courtyard @ Westgate

27-29 June
Singapore Woodwind Festival 2014, Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music

27-29 June
Baybeats, Esplanade

5 July
2:00PM - DTX Clinic with Robert Nalin, Yamaha Beatspot
@ Plaza Singapura

12 July
1:30PM - Yamaha Xeno Trumpet Recital by Wen Rong, Yamaha Beatspot @ Plaza Singapura
3:00PM - Jam Session Ft. Indra & Romi, Yamaha Beatspot @ Plaza Singapura.

For more information, visit their Facebook page:  

Keep calm 

Happy Shopping!

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