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[Mint.Music.Lifestyle] My Virgin IPL Hair Removal Experience, At Ginza Calla

For those who've never done IPL before,
I'm sure you're going to ask me, 
"Is it painful?"

My answer is,

Friends warned me about IPL feeling like rubber-band shooting on your skin repeatedly, ant-biting sensation and some even told me they'd leave the beauty salon with a burnt smell, prior to my virgin visit. 

Although these rumours freaked me out so much, 
I still decided to go ahead with the hair removal treatments…

I had a few nicknames given by my secondary school mates (especially the boys!).
I remembered this name most vividly because it was, in my opinion, quite funny.

"Eh, Moustache Girl."

Secondary school mates who are reading my post now, remember? 
Some of you even called me Hairy Monster. 
But awww… the good old times.

Perhaps I possess more masculine hormones, I tend to be hairier than my other girlfriends. My hairstylist Kenn, from Heritage Hair always joked about my thick and coarse whenever I'm down for my hair appointment. He'll ask me,"哪里有人的头发醬多地?"

I'd smile and tell him, mine.

So plucking up enough courage, I went for my first IPL Hair Removal Treatments which include:
 Lower arms,
 Lower feet 
Top bikini line. 

I experienced NONE of the pain mentioned on top. 
In fact, It was so amazingly comfortable that I fell asleep while getting rid of my unwanted hair.

Where did I do my virgin IPL Hair removal treatment?

Ginza Calla from Japan

Ginza Calla is Japan's renowned Hair removal specialist. 

Over 21 years of experience in the industry, it celebrated beautiful skin with more than 300,000 women through 35 stores that span across Japan, Shanghai and Hongkong. 

It finally hit the shores of Singapore and I made no hesitation to purchase 2 of their packages today. 
*Official Customer Of Ginza Calla*

The waiting area:

The vase of pink lilies and orchids creates the perfect sweet and calming welcome greeting:

The Consultation

I was immediately invited for tea (it's from South Africa!) and consultation.
2 cups here suggesting that we have 2 friends~

Lynn(right) briefed Jessica(a new found friend at Plaza Singapura) and I about IPL hair removal services, the treatment plans, accessed our skin type and answering to all our queries. For first-timers like me, one can easily guess that I must have 101 questions to ask about IPL.

I do.
This session, of course, took longer than usual.

I learnt that IPL hair removal treatments cannot be done on people with blonde hair colour nor on really dark skin. I was also told that ladies having their menstruation periods and minimal sunburnt of 1 week (or know you're going to get sunburnt about a month later) are not advisable to receive IPL treatments during these periods.

Be good and do it when it's okay yah?

Meanwhile I couldn't resist the hot tea and asked for another cup. 

Treatment Room At Ginza Calla

Cosy. Sweet. Simple. Neat. Girly.
Nothing fanciful but the little shelves and the mirror closet pleasantly surprised me enough. 
I could safe keep all my belongings and lock them in.

Brought my own portable contact lens casing~

Their hot pink-coloured girly robe is so loved!

Beds are wrapped in clear plastics to make them waterproof for the jet spray and cold gel.
Brilliant innovation. 

Nervous Mode On.

How is it going to be like?
Please let the treatment be painless.
I have an extremely low pain threshold.


Lower legs
(hands and underarms not taken because I was panicking too much to remember Ops)
Hair on my hands is just as much(maybe even more).

Ginza Calla's IPL Hair Removal Process

Step 1: Shave
Anna, my beauty specialist for the day, began the treatment by using an electric shaver to get rid of my unwanted hair. She does this patiently in segments - first the front of my lower legs, then the back and vice versa for my lower arms.

*Step 2: Moisturise With Bihada Junbi Lotion
*main difference lies in this moisture-retaining programme

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

Unlike other IPL services, Ginza Calla's first priority, while performing IPL hair removal, is to take care of the customer's skin. I learnt that during IPL treatments, your skin can become extremely dry. Keeping it deeply moisturised and hydrated is very important to maintain your beautiful skin. 

Hence, their very own researched and developed in conjunction with dermatologists - "Bihada Junbi" lotion - will be applied before and after the IPL sessions to nourish the pre-treatment areas.

It is said to contain ingredients including Hyaluroic Acid, Collagen, Ceramide, 7 types of Natural Herbs, APPS (A highly soluble Vit-C Derivative) and Natural Job's Tears Extract.

'Bihada' stands for 'Beautiful Skin'
and Junbi means 'preparation, arrangements'.

I supposed we can say hi to baby-smooth and silky skin, hurray!
Prepare to have beautiful skin!

The Bihada Junbi High-Pressure Jet Spray

Customers of Ginza Calla will enjoy the moisture-enriched Mist Shower with Ginza Calla's proprietary high-pressure jet spray. Instead of only applying the surface layer of the treated skin, this high-pressured jet spray will deeply moisturise by delivering the Bihada Junbi lotion to the deeper layers of your skin.

I know what you're thinking.
This IS the Jet Spray.

Everytime Anna says, "I'm applying the Bihada Junbi now ok."
I'll go,"yayyyy!"

The cooling sensation of the jet spray reminded me of the time I was enjoying the sea breeze at Sydney Harbour in June last year.  It was towards the end of winter - about 15 degree Celsius.

I don't feel any wetness but a cooling breeze. 

Misty Bihada Junbi Lotion on my skin:

Hi, I'm super enjoying the pre and post treatment segments here, see!

A generous layer of cold gel was then applied before the actual IPL treatment.

What's this? 
We're going to start already?

A little tensed up smile from me because I'm rely nervous about my first IPL experience:

Anna remembered that my eyes are sensitive to bright light and laid a towel to cover my eyes.
I look like a frog here, no?

Ready, Set, here we go!
My FIRST shot of IPL!

Gradually dozing off because it's so comfortable, zzz……

Like I've mentioned, Bihada Junbi lotion will be applied to the treated skin before and after every IPL session. Thereafter, cold towels would be laid to soothe the treated areas - double comfort.

Look at the after picture - my skin actually becomes more radiant and fairer than before!



Baby-smooth and silky skin~

Ready to meet my One-first, minutemansg for dinner!
Sorry for messing up the room, Anna. :p

But before that how can I forget the after-tea, More tea please!
That's my 3rd cup.

So obsessed with my now-hairless and soft arm that I have to take another picture with it as I walked past another mirror:

My Ginza Calla IPL Hair Removal Specialist - Anna

Anna is one of the most thoughtful beautician I've met.
  • She remembers that my eyes are sensitive to light and adjusted the room to low light when I've completed my session.  
  • Knowing that I'll be blindfolded throughout the session, she would pre-amp me before every step so that I'll be mentally prepared. 
  • She remembers that I am afraid of pain and promptly ask if I'm comfortable during the session.
  • She ensures that I'm comfortably warm with fluffy blankets and dry towels.
  • She helps me take pictures even though that's out of her job scope.
  • She patiently waits for me to finish using my mobile phone (on several occasions) before she continues the next step.
Anna Anna,

 so gentle and thoughtful!

Honestly, Anna is also another main reason why I eventually signed up packages with Ginza Calla.
When she smiles flaunting a teeth, it's so beautiful and sincere but she doesn't know that.
Beautiful girl with a strong passion, I like her very much. 

Thank you for being here for me!

Customers of Ginza Calla can opt for full body hair removal or for targeted areas only, starting from S$340 (6 sessions).

Ginza Calla Is Having Promotions Until 30 June 2014!
  1. For just S$40, there is a special limited-time promotion for 3 sessions of Lower Arm and Lower Leg Hair removal sessions (worth S$800)!
  2. Other hair removal courses are also offering up to a massive 35% discount.
Promotion ends on 30 June 2014.


This is the package which I've bought. 

For just S$40, you can enjoy unlimited sessions for either your UNDERARMS OR V-LINE(Bikini Line) IPL Hair Removal Treatments for a year.


Ginza Calla is located at Plaza Singapura (New Wing), #04-55 S238839.
For appointments or enquiry on cost package, you may wish to call 6238 8850.


- Walking Directions from Mint -

Walk to the New Wing Of Plaza Singapura:

Take the escalator up to Level 4 where you'll see Standard Chartered Bank:

Walk pass SCB in to a small lane and continue walking straight until you see Ginza Calla on your left:

Mint Leong - no more a moustache girl.

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