Wednesday, May 14, 2014

[Mint.Music.Lifestyle] Customise Passport Covers from Passpotter Singapore!

When my beloved wallet was found missing on 1st April 2014, (yah I know that it's April's Fool day and losing my wallet on this fateful day sounds too good to be true) I was hoping someone's playing a lousy prank on me and will return it the next day with my precious family photo, polaroids and IC inside. 

It never came back.

The feeling of losing my first Christmas gift from TheMinuteManSG continue to sting me even up till this day. 
This is also when I found a new liking for product customisation services.
When I chanced upon Passpotter Singapore , I couldn't help but placed new orders for a new keychain, a leather bracelet and a new passport cover.

Photo credits to: Passpotter Singapore
Browsing their Facebook page, I got to know Passpotter Singapore has been actively participating in Bazaars and thanking their supportive customers with special discounts up to 20% at these events!
Here's one of their booths at the Sentosa Boardwalk.
I personally love the idea of enjoying a late afternoon sea breeze with myDreamGuy while waiting for our customised items!

Look what else I found!

The founder of Passpotter Singapore, Alouis Lim, who's also an actor of The Changing Point Productions, was featured in the papers about his customising services.

He was awarded the Best Supporting Actor on TCP Awards Ceremony for TCP Series Hostel in the year 2013 and the Most Popular Male Artiste for 4 consecutive years between 2011 - 2014. 

6 more years to 上神台, bro?
I'm so proud of Alouis. 
Working hard to support his family and at the same time, continuing to pursue his dreams. :)

I've never been to any of their booths yet so how to go about customising my items online?'s
Passpotter Singapore

Step 1. Browse Passpotter's Virtual Catalogue via @passpotter Instagram & Facebook: 

This is like a virtual catalogue where Passpotter Singapore shares images of their finished products. 
Most images are based on actual customers' products and reviews. 

For those of you who needs help with colour-matching, the Instagram of Passpotter Singapore is a good place to go see see look look. Or at least that's what I did. 

Start following & browsing now on

Still can't decide? 
Continue browsing on their Facebook for bigger and clearer images!
Here are some images I took from their Facebook page to give you a better idea:

Step 2. Confirm Your Colours!

I decided on B4 + Name Tag 13 + Red Keychain.

Photo credits to: Passpotter Singapore

Photo credits to: Passpotter Singapore

Photo credits to: Passpotter Singapore

Photo credits to: Passpotter SingaporeStep 3. Decide what to write on the name tags.

There, you've just created your very own customised Passpotter items in 3 easy steps!

Having said that, take a closer look at mine.
My passport cover comes with 4 slits on the inside to hold my cards.
Do you think I can use this as my wallet for my notes and cards?

The leather bracelets come in 3 colours: Black, dark and light brown.
It's really light and comes with 2 different lengths for you to adjust accordingly.
Same thing, you can get your Passpotter leather bracelet customised by adding a name tag to it.

Here's my very own MintLeong.Sg leather bracelet:

How about getting you started on choosing your very own customised Passpotter items?

 MintLeong.Sg Blog Giveaway will give away 4 sets of Passpotter Passport Covers (Slim) and leather keychains to 4 different friends who try out the steps above

These 4 lucky friends walk away with ONE set of Passpotter cover(slim) + ONE leather keychain each  (colours of YOUR choice).

MintLeong.SG Blog Giveaway by Passpotter Singapore

1. Share this image (can be downloaded from with your friends via Facebook, twitter or Instagram. 

*Sharing on each platform entitles you to one chance*
**You may only share this image on each platform ONCE**

2. Tell us, together with the shared image, which colours you'd like to have for your brand new customised Passpotter Passport Cover(slim) and leather keychain.

3. Mention @MintLeong @Passpotter and #MintMusicSG so that we can find your entries!

Contest Period: 14 May 2014 (WED) - 19 May 2014 (MON), 11 59PM
All 4 winners will be announced on 20 May 2014 (TUE).

4 winners will be selected based on the online random name picker.
Our generous Passpotter Singapore has decided to customise your winning items according to the colours of your choice during your sharing.

===UPDATES === 

Thank  you for taking part in this blog giveaway,
the 4 Winners are

Congratulations Saralyn, Dawn NG, Jacqualine Chan & Evangeline Yeo!
We'll be contacting you via Facebook on your winning collection.

Hope you like your new passport cover and leather keychain~

What are you waiting for, 
LIKE Passpotter Singapore now if you haven't.

In case you missed the colour charts, here they are again: 

Photo credits to: Passpotter Singapore

Photo credits to: Passpotter Singapore

Photo credits to: Passpotter Singapore

Photo credits to: Passpotter Singapore

Happy choosing your colours and good luck, Minties!



  1. so preettyyyy!
    if i traveled much, i would buy that =D

  2. This bracelate Is Looking Good I feeling like to wear it How much is it ?

    branding agency in

  3. Super customizable. Will have to check that out next time I'm in Singapore!