Friday, June 7, 2013

[OBMFSG] Ocean Butterflies Music Forest Vocal Ambassador Programme Update: 大气歌曲

Ocean Butterflies Vocal Ambassador

Madly in love with this song covered by Abby: Xu Zhe Pei - Feng Zi.
She got me hooked on this song because she sang it so well!

It's one of the most difficult mando-songs in the world!
Crazily hard to sing I'd say.

We moved on to our next song genre: Power-pack Songs
Ocean Butterflies Vocal Ambassador Lesson 5: 大氣歌曲

Song Title: 張惠妹- 知道
Zhi Dao, by Zhang Hui Mei A-mei

This song was chosen by Liu Zhi Wen vocal instructor for us to go back and learn in the next 2 weeks.
Thereafter, he will give individual feedback as to where we can improve while tackling the song. Usually in class, the individual will sing the song once more, taking in the feedbacks and thus, following his guide.

I am never a power-packed singer so when Zhi Wen Lao Shi first told us to go back and learn A-mei's song, I felt so stressed. Nevertheless I gave my best shot and pluck up courage to tackle it. It felt good after that although it wasn't well done. Most importantly I overcame the mental barrier and took up this challenge. At the end of the day, I learnt something new!

It's a happy thing taking up vocal classes because your confidence will be gradually built up and that at least we know now which genre of songs are more suitable for ourselves; easier to choose songs for future singing competitions.

I've done my 2 takes. Here they are:

Zhi Wen Lao Shi comments during my first take to improve on these:
1. I should try to smoothen and round my high pitches so that they don't sound so sharp.
2. Release and sing out my feelings because I'm not bringing my vocals out and forward, hence it doesn't sound that 'power-pack'.
3. Words in the bridge can be emphasized to have more 'punch' on the song.

After that I was asked to tackle the song again.

Zhi Wen Lao Shi in the background giving me tips & everyone else practising on the song.

Sharp enough to spot any improvement in my 2nd try?

Practice makes perfect and I'll keep practising.

Thank you Zhiwen Lao Shi for your guidance.

Life in Ocean Butterflies

With Love from the classmates:

Ocean butterflies vocal ambassadors

Yitian holding to a box of cookies baked by Rachell!
Ocean butterflies vocal ambassadors

The beautiful Rachell, Pxdkitty who baked yummy cookies for us!
Ocean butterflies vocal ambassadors

Abby, our goddess who sings beautifully.
Ocean butterflies vocal ambassadors

Ending this post with the original MV songs we've just covered.

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