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[Mint's Blog Concert Ticket Giveaway] Will Pan "Unleashed" World Tour Concert 【释放自己】潘玮柏世界巡回演唱会-新加坡站

After 11 years as a performer, American-born Taiwanese Mandopop star Will Pan (潘玮柏) is set to stage his very first full-fledged solo concert come 20th July 2013 in Singapore.

 AMC Group Singapore is proud to announce

Will Pan “Unleashed” World Tour—Live in Singapore!

Will Pan Concert 2013

Pass Me The Mic

Indeed, Pan Weibo has came a long way.
Here's one of my KTV must-dedicate Will Pan song titled Pass Me The Mic.

Even though Pass Me The Mic is an upbeat song, the lyrics depicts Will's deepest feelings on how he has worked, and will continue to work his hardest in his singing career.

I particularly liked the lyrics written in the bridge:


Translation of the two lines
Line 1: who in this world has succeeded without putting in any hard work?
Line 2: who in this world is born with a microphone in his hand?

From his early days as a VJ and thereafter venturing into singing, Wilber described himself, “I did not know anything then; I only wanted to become a singer. I worked hard practicing how to sing, dance and compose. From not having any knowledge of musical instruments, I can now compose my own songs!”

Out of almost 30 songs set to be performed during the concert, over 2/3 of these are Wilber’s own compositions.

潘玮柏, 你真的很用心。

Yes, we may not be the best musicians now but let us do our best and perservere to produce better music,  Fighting!

I will work extremely hard towards my dream too!!!

How I first knew Pan Wei Bo: Gecko Stroll

The very first Will Pan song I learnt was a song titled Gecko Stroll. It's his theme song from his debut solo album “Gecko Stroll” released in 2002.  It has a catchy chorus and most of all, I like how the song uses the metaphor of a gecko to describe somewhat a courtship.

I'm a gecko waiting for my prey
You're a fluttering butterfly.
I can't catch you but I wanna act cool,
what a life!

So what's a Gecko Stroll?
It's a unique dance I invented.
It's like a strolling Gecko! 

Cute right, the lyrics.
You haven't seen the dance steps yet, have you?

It's a PLUS point for Gecko Stroll.

In this video, Will Pan shows you the dance steps for Gecko Stroll. Maybe you can learn it now and we can all dance with him at his concert:

Cannot Not Love During My Poly Days

During my Poly days, lip-syncing youtube videos were like the very 'IN' thing to watch(trendy).
My classmates got hooked by the next video and we'll play it repetitively on the classroom projector for the next XXX weeks.

The guys are so FUNNEH and we'd try to mimmick them at KTV sessions.
It's a Will Pan and Xuan Zi duet song titled Cannot Not Love.

Although the english sounds a little broken but you really cannot, not love this video!
Happy laughing~

*I miss my poly-mates*

Will Pan's Latest Album 2012: The Story Of Billy

It's a totally new concept.
He was cute, sunshine, dashing, romantic…
His latest album showed how contemporary he can be as well.

For his new Look, Pan Wei Bo lost a freaking 8 KG in 3 months!

24 Billy is an original song written and composed by Will Pan himself, inspired by the novel titled The Minds Of Billy Milligan - a true story about a person with spilt personalities. Including Will himself, the song describes a person with 24 types of spilt personalities: differences in age, intellectual, race and even personal character.

Will Pan “Unleashed” World Tour kicked off last year in Shanghai on 10th November 2012 to an amazing reception and has since wowed audiences in Beijing, Macau and Guangzhou. The tour is also further scheduled to captivate audiences in Nanjing, Shenzhen and Taipei.

Besides performing on stage, this is also Will Pan’s first time assuming the role of producer for this tour.

From stage, lighting and costume design to song composition and choreography, Will Pan has fully involved himself in all areas of concert planning. The concert stage will also be specially set up to fully bring out Will Pan’s “Cool” “Dazzling”, “Godly” and “Mesmerizing” charms as he wows audiences by unleashing his energetic moves on stage.

Expect the combination of THREE main concepts of this thrilling performance:


Will Pan Concert 2013

Will Pan “Unleashed” World Tour—Live in Singapore

Date: 20 July 2013, Saturday

Time: 7:30pm

Venue: The MAX Pavilion
Ticket Prices: $158*, $138*, $118*, $88* 
(*yet to include SISTIC booking fee)

SISTIC Ticketing Hotline: 6348 5555 or


I'm giving away TWO pairs of Will Pan "Unleashed" Concert Tickets worth more than S$200. They are two pairs of Category 3 tickets (worth $118 per ticket). On top of that, ONE of the lucky giveaway winners will receive his autographed concert poster! 

I have one autographed poster to keep myself, heh-heh.
Gam Xia Humida~

Will Pan Concert 2013

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TWO random winners will be announced on my Twitter and my blog on 19th June 2013, Wednesday.

THANK YOU, AMC Group Singapore for sponsoring the tickets!!!

=========== Winners Announced! ===============

Joanne Marie Sim
Fenny Hwang

Congratulations girls!


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