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[JBL Singapore] The JBL Flip portable speaker allows you to answer phone calls!

Each JBL portable speaker has its own special feature.

JBL Flip

For the JBL Flip, it has a built-in microphone and a call answer button to answer your phone calls from the speaker. Convenient, isn't it?

My previous blog post was about the JBL Charge portable speaker and it's totally different from the JBL Flip. The JBL Charge acts as a USB charger for other USB devices like your mobile phone.

JBL portable speakers

Instead of muting your ring tone like what the JBL Charge did, the JBL Flip will alert you when your phone is ringing by playing your ring tone.

An AC Adapter and Neoprene carrying pouch comes with it.

JBL Portable speakers

Versatile, portable design

Just like the JBL Charge, it has a versatile portable design where you can play your music either a vertical or horizontal position. You'll understand why this is so important to me when you see the next picture.

JBL Flip
Photo courtesy of JBL Singapore

I have no more space on my table once i put my macbook there.

Use the JBL Flip to answer your phone calls!

The Built-in microphone and call answer button allows you answer your phone call from the speaker!
So how do we use the JBL Flip to speak to the caller/recipient on the other end?

JBL Portable speakers

*Ring Ring*


You don't have to pick up the phone call like this!

Wuu, not like this?

Just leave it as where it is, press the answer button and speak normally into the speaker. The microphone is loud and clear enough for the person on the other side of the call. :)
JBL Flip
Photo courtesy of JBL Singapore

Choose your privacy settings

Of course, you can choose your most preferred way to answer the call.
You can inter-changed the audio source anytime with your mobile.

I'll be using my iPhone as a reference for you.
To change the audio source, tap on "Audio source" which will prompt you to a list of speakers currently connected to your mobile phone.

JBL flip

I'm using the JBL Flip right now.
Just tap on 'iPhone' if I want my phone call to be made private.

Easy Peasy. :)

JBL flip

Choose ONE JBL Speaker to connect to at one time

Unless you're using the JBL micro wireless speakers which has the daisy-chain capability, you CAN connect to both the JBL Charge and JBL Flip BUT sound will only come out from the last portable speaker you connect to.

If you want to connect to the other speaker, you'll have to switch off the connected one first.


JBL Flip Colours

The JBL Flip speakers comes in black and white.

JBL Flip
Photo courtesy of JBL Singapore.

JBL Flip
Photo courtesy of JBL Singapore

JBL Flip
Photo courtesy of JBL Singapore

I did a quick chart to compare all my 3 JBL speakers after 3 weeks of using.
Take your pick!

JBL portable speakers

Logo - JBL (cmyk - on black)

Once again, thank you JBL Singapore for giving me these 3 beautiful speakers for my music.

Hear The Truth.
Don't let the size of these compact speakers fool you.


Visit for more information.

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