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[Manicure Sponsor] Lavishing Me; Manicure at Cuppage Plaza

My nails were always long until my keyboard instructor, Alvin Khoo, said I shouldn't keep them when I'm learning how to play the keyboard.

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Mint Leong Music
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So I had them cut and kept short.
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After 8 weeks of intensive keyboard course at Ocean Butterflies Music Forest, I have learnt BASIC comping techniques, read and understand major/minor chords, find song chords and play them smoothly with the keyboard. This course is efficient. Even though I'm not good enough to do a keyboard performance yet, I can play and find all the chords for my new songs. Also, sing and play songs I find on the internet.

This is a major step in my life.
Just 8 weeks ago, I don't even know what's a middle C.

Alvin Khoo, our keyboard instructor, is really good at simplifying musical terms and making you understand the basics of keyboard playing within a short amount of time.

I've completed my intensive pop keyboard class!

Class photo with our keyboard instructor, Alvin Khoo(In green strips).
Strong friendships were also fostered between my classmates and I.
Meet them!

Front row from left: Kiah Gek, Jona, Ah Foo
Back row from left: Maricelle, Zhi Hao, Alvin Khoo(keyboard instructor)

But my nails ...
They were short. plain. yellowish.

I need manicure!
Every other night before I sleep, I'd look at my nails and thinking how nice it'll be if there were still long, and then I'd paint them with sweet colours with designs.

But who says you can't have pretty painted nails when you nails are short?
I'm really escalated to tell you that two days ago, I did my FIRST gelish nails!



lavishing me

Evangeline, introduced by Zir at the LJH Hankook Workshop, painted and designed them for me.  I feel that Zir is also my fairygodsister who encourages and helps me to become a better person. :)

Evangeline Love can clean and paint nails REALLY fast.

Lavishing me nails

The previous times I did french manicures at other shops, I took more than 2 hours.
She did my nail art in about an 1hour.

Her quiet and cosy hideout has become one of my favourite places to go to for relaxation and gossip corner. I thoroughly enjoyed her company and bubbliness which totally brightened up the rest of my day.

I told her I've never done gelish nails nor nail arts before and that she is free to draw what she feels like.
Here's the final result and I LOVE IT, especially the rainbows!

Lavishing me nails

Here's Evangeline's inspiration of my nail art:

Music notes: I love music
Rainbows: I wanted something sweet and cheerful
Fallen Hearts (thumb): She love it. :D

Not only that, the rainbows are painted with neon colours which will glow under UV lights! So excited that I forgot to take the rainbows under the UV light. BOO!

Lavishing me nails

Here's an idea of the neon nail colours which will glow under Ultra Violet lights.
I took 2 images from Lavishing Me Facebook Page:



That's how my rainbow looks like right now under UV light!


Lavishing me nails

I didn't know gelish nails that dry IMMEDIATELY after the manicure.
Tasks like dive into your wallet to get your card, go toilet used to be a chore for the next 2 - 3 hours when I do normal manicure because I didn't want to ruin my nails.

Not anymore with my gelish nails.
I can even practise my Ukulele wahahaha!

My, isn't gelish nails addictive

Go get your gelish nails done at Lavishing Me.
I can't wait for my next appointment already!!!


Promotion Package:
5x gelish Manicure + 5x Classic Pedicure
With soak off and fast dry top coat for the feet: $240
( Usual Price - $440 )

One session:  $48 ( Usual Price - $88 )

No time limit, Free one time simple Nail art (Hands)
Package can be used for all festive seasons
Priority In slots and Booking for appointments.

Quote "Mint Leong" for 10% OFF for your nail art mani/pedicure.

lavishing me

Cuppage Plaza
5 Koek Road #B2 -25 S228796
Call for appointment: 6732 6649

Click here to view more designs.

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