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[Hankook LJH Cosmetics] Cellabel MC Sun Pact and Pearl Shining Primer

=== Quick Recap ===

About LJH

LeeJiHam was named after the family names of doctors.

LJH Skin Clinic is founded in 1994 and is the 1st specialised dermatology clinic established in Korea. It's also the first cosmetics company to introduce 'doctor cosmetics' in Korea. LJH products are developed based on many years of clinical experience from LJH Skin Clinics in Korea.

Until now, its brand has maintained its reputation as the first and best dermatology clinic in Korea, being able to adapt quick to fast changing technologies for treating wrinkles, acnes, freckles and other skin problems that we face.

Their products include facial cleanser, toner, moisturiser, serum, creams, lotions, sun pact and so much more.

LJH Cosmeceuticals: Cellabel

The term 'cosmeceuticals' is a combination of cosmetics and pharmarcuticals. Cellabel not only enhances your appearance, it also deliver nutrients necessary for healthy skin.

We know about all-in-1 beverage, all-in-1 shampoo, all-in-1 smartphones; all-in-1 cosmetics just made our lives easier!

I previously covered reviews for these LJH products:

Let's move on to the next - Cellabel M.C. Sun Pact with SPA50+ and PA+++

Cellabel MC Sun Pact with COMPLIMENTARY Pearl Shining Primer

LJH sunpact and primer

The box comes with an extra sponge/puff, a black pouch to hold your sun pact and a complimentary pearl shining primer

I'm very conscious about UV protection ever since I got to know that UV light is the main cause of skin aging and pigmentation! I don't want to have them, oh no!

When I was first introduced to compact-powder sunblock, I immediately grew to like it more than the cream/water base ones. It's non-sticky, I don't have to wait for the sunblock to dry up before applying my cosmetics, easy to carry around, easy for touch ups and this new one which I'm currently using is even better because it comes with COVERAGE.

There are 2 different shades to choose from!
#21 : Fair (white base)
#23: Normal (brown base)

I'm using #23.

LJH sunpact and primer

For anyone who goes for a more natural make up just to cover blemishes and even out your skin tone, this is a convenient product because it gives you the coverage (in fact better than you think) and at the same time protects you from the UV rays!

For this post, I'm sharing with you the usual make up I put on when I go for my OB music classes, casual and beach outings.

Natural and casual Make Up

Let's start!
Show you my damn cui nude look first.

LJH sunpact and primer

Red patches in between my brows, upper lips, chin...
Look again.

LJH sunpact and primer

My mummy told me that when I was a baby, the red patch in between my brows used to form a 'V' whenever I cry. It's my birthmark and I got it most probably because she had loved to watch this TV show titled 'V files' when she was pregnant with me.

Applying Primers

It's the latest trend to apply primers, aren't you hooked yet?

They say that applying primers as a base before you even put on any other make up is beneficial because it helps to better disguise your blemishes and lets you blend your make up more evenly. Also, it makes your foundation/concealer stays on your face longer. Also, a primer helps to smooth out the skin's surface so that when you apply make up, the make up evens out on your skin tone easily.

The Cellabel Pearl Shining Primer contains pearl and caviar complex use for covering wrinkles and blemishes. The primer fluid is very rich yet not sticky. The caviar complex has anti-aging and moisturising benefits while the fine pearl powder reflects light to cover blemishes, obvious veins and uneven skin tones.

Complimentary Pearl Shining Primer

The smaller tube primer comes as a complimentary with the Sun pact.
The actual size can be purchased online here.

LJH sunpact and primer

Look at the shimmering layer!

LJH sunpact and primer

LJH sunpact and primer

As for the area round my eyes, I used the Prep Eye Primer for 3D coverage.


LJH Eye Primer
Image taken from my Prep Eye Primer review.

Base is ready, now to apply the Sun Pact.

The sun pact contains SPF 50+ and PA+++.
The core ingredients of the Cellabel sun pact includes:

  • 7 types of tea to instantly sooth and moisturise irritaed skin areas. Tea is an anti-oxidant to slow aging process and calms the skin due to external stress (harsh weather, air pollution).
  • Deep Sea Water to keep the skin hydrated 1000x better than normal water.
  • Coral Powder so that skin is smooth and flawless.
Like I've mentioned, I like it because it's a non-oily product such that it reduces oil shine, and there's coverage powder to fade fine lines and spots!

Notice my complexion is already looking smoother after applying ONLY the shining primer and prep eye primer:
LJH sunpact and primer

If I'm going on an event/show/gig, I'll use my Chanel liquid foundation first to cover obvious blemishes, follow by the Chanel 2-way foundation for the entire face and especially for the reddish-skin areas. Last but not least the sun pact will act as a loose powder.

In this case, I'm only going for my music lesson at SCAPE so the Cellabel sun pact will give me more than enough coverage. It's so convenient now that this one product itself can give me coverage with UV A/B Protection - save half the time!

Pat sun pact powder on the puff and gently pat on your face like normal foundation, focusing on the red and uneven skin tone areas.

Super LOVE the puff/sponge which feels like a marshmallow~
The box comes with an extra puff.

LJH sunpact and primer

LJH sunpact and primer

Final touch up with brown eye shadow and pink blusher; light enough for a beach outing yet both blemishes covered and UV protected!

LJH sunpact and primer

LJH sunpact and primer

At times, I'll add mascara to my lengthened eye lashes, thanks to  Eyelash Queen made my lashes grew longer!

LJH sunpact and primer


LJH sunpact and primer

Oh, and remember to bring the sun pact out too, heh-heh.
LJH sunpact and primer

Cellabel Sun Pact SPF 50+ PA+++
Complimentary Pearl Shining Primer

Usual Price: S$88
Discount: S$68

Quote coupon code "LJHMintLeong" for additional 20% off between 15 - 30 May 2013.
That's only S$54.40 instead of S$88!

Buy it online here.

Comes with an extra puff, a primer and a black carrier pouch, all for the price of S$54.40.

LJH sunpact and primer

Protect your skin from UV rays please!

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